The Doctors: Hoover MaxExtract Carpet Cleaner Review & Allergies


The Doctors: Carpet Can Make Allergies Worse

A viewer sent in a video detailing her allergy problems, and said that no medicines were helping her. She wondered if carpet was the problem, and asked if she should switch to hardwood floors.

To help answer her questions, the cast of The Doctors welcomed Eric Stromer, host of Hideous Houses on A&E.


Dr. Travis Stork said that in general for people with allergies, it’s better to go naked with your floor and get rid of carpet, but it’s not always that simple. Stromer said that installing hardwood floors can be very pricey.

The Doctors: Cork and Bamboo Flooring with Eric Stromer

The Doctors: Hoover MaxExtract Carpet Cleaner Review & Allergies

On The Doctors, Eric Stromer discussed flooring options for people with bad allergies and shared the Hoover MaxExtract Carpet Cleaner review.

The first floor he showed off was made of cork, and Stromer said its soft, soundproof and can easily be installed with some adhesive. The second flooring was bamboo, which is a great option because it’s sustainable. He said the installation costs are pretty inexpensive, and it’s an easy floor to keep clean.


The Doctors: Low Pile Carpet Cuts Down on VOCs

The third option Stromer had was low pile carpet, which has backers on it instead of the traditional binding. The volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are emitted from regular carpet can be very harmful.

Stromer told Dr. Lisa Masterson that if you’re stuck with carpet, an option is to purchase a quality vacuum with a HEPA filter. He said this filter will take out dust particles and dust mites from your floor.

Stromer said that it’s important to change your vacuum bags out at their recommended times. He also advised that steam cleaning is a good option for people with dogs and cats.

The Doctors: Hoover MaxExtract Carpet Cleaner Review

Dr. Stork said that if parents notice that their children have asthma and are struggling at home, it is their job to make some adjustments. Dr. Jim Sears said that parents need to pay particular attention to their child’s bedroom, because that’s where they spend a lot of their time. Stuffed animals in your child’s bed can also be a hangout for harmful dust.

Stromer gifted audience members with a Hoover MaxExtract Carpet Cleaner system.


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