The Doctors: High Tech Health Gadgets & Re-Timer Cure For Jet Lag


The Doctors: High Tech Health Gadgets

The Doctors were joined by Reader’s Digest Editor in Chief Liz Vaccariello for information on the latest high tech health gadgets. These three gadgets come straight from the pages of Reader’s Digest’s April issue, which features Dr. Travis Stork as the cover model.

The Doctors: High Tech Health Gadgets & Re-Timer Cure For Jet Lag

The Doctors and Liz Vaccariello examined high-tech health gadgets for jet lag, glaucoma and obesity.


The Drs: Abiliti Weight Loss Device

Liz shared information on Abiliti, a new device that could help solve the problem of obesity. This “intelligent” weight loss device has already resulted in an average weight loss of 22% in clinical studies. Some people lost nearly 40% of their body weight.

Abiliti is essentially a “stomach pace maker” that sends the “full” signal to your brain. This prevents overeating, and best of all, your doctor can chart your results.

The Doctors: Micro Stent To Fix Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a common issue that often leads to blindness. Dr. Travis explained it as “increased pressure in your eye,” caused by a buildup of fluid. So far, the only solutions for glaucoma have been laser treatments and complex surgeries. Now, a device that’s the size of an eyelash could help treat this issue.


This device is a micro stent inserted into a canal of the eye. It allows fluids to flow properly and relieves pressure in the eye. Dr. Andrew Ordon called this “a huge innovation.”

The Doctors: Re-Timer Cure For Jet Lag

The Re-Timer cure for jet lag was developed by a sleep psychologist to solve this relatively harmless, but extremely annoying, health issue. These high-tech glasses feature a green light that helps reset your body’s internal clock. They should be worn 2-3 times a day after you arrive at your destination (just maybe not in public).

Learn all about these high-tech new gadgets in the videos below.


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