The Doctors: Heart Attack Warning Ringtone & High Tech Gadgets


The Doctors: Medical Breakthroughs

Since The Doctors September 4 was all about medical breakthroughs and the future of medicine, the Doctors were joined by Cardiologist Dr Eric Topol, author of The Creative Destruction of Medicine: How the Digital Revolution Will Create Better Health.

Heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women. A viewer recently wrote into the show asking about advances in medicine. Nancy from Omaha, Nebraska wanted to know if there are any tools that can predict a heart attack.


The Doctors: Heart Attack Prevention Ringtone

The Doctors: Heart Attack Warning Ringtone & High Tech Gadgets

The Doctors discussed high-tech medical gadgets, like a cardiogram phone app.

Dr Topol explained that the cells that are about to crack and come off of the artery can now be detected. There is a way to both isolate them and characterize them, which could predict a heart attack and save many lives.

The misshaped cells are viewed through a blood test and have a unique gene expression signature. There is technology now being developed so that these cells could actually send a ringtone to your phone through a sensor. That call may be a scary one to receive, but as Dr Topol pointed out, it is much better to get an alert than to come into the hospital with chest pains and realize that it’s too late.


The Doctors: Cardiogram Phone App

Another incredible medical advancement is that soon, it will be possible for you to have a cardiogram on your phone. Through a special app, you will put your thumbs onto a special case and then read your heart rate. Then, you can then send it to your doctor, or even to your Facebook friends!

The Doctors: Origami Stroller

For some more high-tech gadgets, Dr Sears checked out a few exciting new technological advances on common objects we use every day. The first gadget will have parents drooling with excitement: it’s the Origami Stroller. Thanks to movement-generated energy, the Origami Stroller can charge your cell phone, plus has headlights and a dashboard. Best of all, when you’re ready to throw it into the car, it folds into a compact size all by itself!

The Doctors: Sport Eyes Heads Up Display System

With the Sport Eyes Heads Up Display System, you can monitor your workout without losing focus. The interactive talking sunglasses allow you to set a target heart rate and ensure that you are staying in that zone.

The Doctors: Nu Face Trinity Toning Device

If you aren’t quite ready for a facelift but want to improve your skintone and reduce wrinkles, Dr Ordon’s favorite gadget is the Nu Face Trinity Toning Device. You apply the device to your face five minutes per day. Micro-current technology stimulates your collagen, which could lead to a dramatic change in your skin without going under the knife.

Doctor’s Orders from Dr Stork

To wrap things up, Dr Stork gave out his Doctor’s Orders: YOU are your most important gadget! Be proactive in your life to prevent cancer and disease. With healthy foods and exercise, use your body as a gadget to improve your health.



  1. Kathy Dial says

    Where can I purchase the sport eyes heads up display system that you showed on your program on 9/4/12
    Would like to order a set
    Thank you

  2. Kathy Dial says

    Where can I purchase the sport eyes heads up display system that you showed on the doctors on 9/4/12
    Thank you

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