The Doctors: Gas Pump Gloves, Gas Gloves or Pump Gloves


The Doctors TV Show found a product that my mother would absolutely love – Pump Gloves.  Have you ever thought about all the germs on the gas pump when you go to the gas station?  Or do you ever get upset because right after you get a manicure, you realize you are out of gas and have to go pump it?  By wearing these  Gas Pump Gloves, you protect your hands from germs and help to make your manicure last longer. The Doctors TV Show Gas Pump Gloves

The Doctors: Pump Gloves

Dr Lisa Masterson also loved the Pump Gloves because of the protection they give you from all of the chemicals and germs on the gas pump.  Plus, the Gas Gloves have a grip on the inside to help you to hold onto the gas pump better.  Dr Travis Stork said that guys would never consider wearing them though, and that he would rather go to a full service gas station than to be caught wearing gloves while he pumps his gas.  I have a great solution for men like this though – use a paper towel!  You know the paper towels that they have by the squeegees that you can use to clean your car window?  Well just grab one of these before your pump your gas, and use it to hold onto the pump so that you still have a layer of protection between your hand and the gas pump.  Somehow, I feel like men would not be as embarrassed to be holding a paper towel while they pump gas as they would be to wear a glove.  Although in the winter, gloves are definitely fine for both men and women because nobody will know if you are wearing them to  keep your hands warm or because you do not want to touch the gas pump.



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