The Doctors: Dr Andrew Ordon “Better in Seven” Review


The Doctors: Better in Seven by Dr Andrew Ordon

On The Doctors August 21, the theme of the show was the number seven as the Doctors took a look at how you can have a better body in just seven days. Dr. Andrew Ordon, our resident plastic surgeon on the show, is the mastermind behind these better body secrets thanks to his new book, Better in Seven: The Ultimate 7 Day Guide to a Brand New You. The book is based on Dr Ordon’s 33-year experience as a doctor, and is filled with at-home remedies to improve both your body and your mind.

Dr Andrew Ordon Better in Seven & Butt App: The Doctors

The Doctors measured butt hottness with the Butt App and discussed Dr Andrew Ordon's new book, Better in Seven.


Dr Andrew Ordon fell in love with plastic surgery while still in Med School, and in his line of work, everyone is looking for the “quick fix.” However, as he pointed out, there are many things you can do to improve yourself without going under the knife. Dr Ordon mentioned the irony in a plastic surgeon writing a book about how to avoid plastic surgery; but as he said, he’s a doctor first, and since plastic surgery isn’t right for everyone, he’s glad to share his tips and tricks so that everyone can benefit.

The Doctors: Android Butt App

Before they dove further into Dr Ordon’s book, The Doctors decided to help a couple put an end to a long-standing disagreement: Whose butt is better? He calls hers, while she claims that he works out too much. How do you solve a problem like this one?

The new Butt App for Android came to the rescue! With the app, you simply take a picture of the butt, draw out the curvature, and then it designates the butt a number from one to ten. Although he “couldn’t believe he was doing this,” Dr Stork took the couples’ pictures, and she ended up winning five to four.


Dr Stork and Dr Sears also decided to go head-to-head– or, shall I say, butt-to-butt. Dr Sears went first and only scored a one, so he declared a rematch; however, the second time around, he also got a one. Dr Stork beat him with his score of five. Maybe it’s time to hit the gym!


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