The Doctors: Derma Roller for Wrinkles, Scars & Stretch Marks


The Doctors TV Show demonstrated how to use a product called the Derma Roller, which helps to reduce wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and can even help with hair loss.  The Drs TV Show explained how the Derma Roller works and why it works. The Doctors TV Show Derma Roller

The Doctors TV Show: How Derma Roller Works?

The Doctors said that the Derma Roller works by rolling a prickly wheel over your face which does something called Micro-Needling.  The little nails in the Derma Roller help to stimulate skin and to break up the outer layer of your skin, which stimulates the epidermis to make new healthy skin.


The Doctors: Does the Derma Roller Work?

The Doctors said that the Derma Roller can work, but you have to stick with it.  Use it every day with or without cream.  And do not push too hard, because it can cause you to draw blood apparently!  I will work on getting my hands on a Derma Roller so that I can write up a review for everyone.  I think that if a tool that is so reasonably priced can really make a difference in terms of wrinkles and even stretch marks, it could be a huge break through.  This could be the perfect gift for a new mom who has stretch marks on her tummy and has tried every product but can’t get them to go away.  And she will be able to use it again down the road to fight off wrinkles and hair loss.  It really is the gift that keeps giving!  In the meantime, if you have used the Derma Roller, please do leave a comment below and share with everyone your experience.



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    A common complaint among women who have had children, stretch marks can occur in various parts of the body and for other reasons. The one thing that is constant is that stretch marks are the result of the sudden expansion or stretching of the skin due to rapid growth or fluctuation in weight. Other examples include puberty, rapid weight loss or weight gain, and yes, pregnancy.

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