The Doctors: Celebrity Hair Fixes and Kym Douglas “Fakeover”


The Doctors: Croydon “Facelift” Review

The Doctors August 28 was filled with quick and easy tips for looking thinner, younger, and sexier. One quick fix for your hair is the Croydon facelift, which is beloved by many celebrities. It’s not a facelift at all, but instead, is a high ponytail pulled so tight that it smoothes away many wrinkles. Who needs plastic surgery when you can just wear your hair up instead?

The Doctors: Liz Vaccariello Tips for Bangs

Liz Vaccariello, editor-in-chief of Reader’s Digest, once again joined the Doctors to discuss the magazine’s ‘Outrageous’ June issue. There are plenty of quick anti-aging and beauty tips in the magazine, but one viewer wanted to know about Liz herself. She wrote in to ask if Liz’s bangs are real, and if so, how does she keep them so thick and shiny?


Yes, Liz’s bangs are real. She explained that the key to her hair maintenance is not washing it every day. Plus, she combats humidity with a baseball cap.

Ken Paves: Clip-In Hair Review

Celebrity Hair & Fakeover: The Doctors

The Doctors explained how you can change your whole look with a new hairstyle.

For more celebrity hair tips the Doctors looked to Ken Paves, celebrity hairstylist to the stars. Ken showed how easy it is to “fake it till you make it” with your hair. Try Ken’s line of clip-in hair pieces to add volume, length, and style to your look in mere seconds. If you love the look of a long ponytail or thick bun but don’t have enough hair, Ken’s pieces will do the trick. Plus, you can try bangs without the commitment of actually cutting your hair. The best part is that you can cut and style the hair just as if it were your own.


Even the Doctors got in on the fun with some extensions. Dr Stork, Dr Sears, and Dr Ordon, especially looked fetching in their bangs!

Kym Douglas: Beauty “Fakeover”

We’d all love to have full, glamorous makeovers, but who’s got the time? Beauty expert Kym Douglas showed the Doctors how a “fakeover” can achieve a great new look in far less time. Kym was joined by Ida, a stressed-out mom who was ready for a quick yet dramatic change in her appearance.

The Doctors: Art Harding Instant Facelift Review

Want the results of a facelift without the surgery? Art Harding’s instant facelift can give your skin the lift it needs in seconds. To use, you simply find an area of your skin needs a lift, and secure elastic bands to pull it up. The results are subtle yet undeniably noticeable.

The Doctors: Extensions Lite at Lashfully

Kym and Ida visited Lashfully spa to chat with Liv, an eyelash expert. Liv explained that you can get instant eyelashes with extensions lite, which last 5-7 days. You can achieve a glamorous look without the commitment of full lash extensions.

The Doctors: Wundertape Review

Does your booty need a lift? Wundertape can do the trick! With Wundertape, it’s easy to make your butt look fitter by simply pulling the tape around your inner thigh. Even Dr Sears tried it out!

When she came out for her big reveal in the studio, Ida looked younger, fresher, and fitter– plus, best of all, she seemed far more confident.


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