The Doctors: Blissful Beauty Products – Boob Glue & The Cuchini Review


The Doctors: Kym Douglas Blissful Beauty Secrets

Kym Douglas, author of Bliss Happens, stopped by The Doctors to go over some of her most blissful beauty secrets. From a new product that makes your cleavage look better to a seaweed mask that will have you feeling moisturized and full of nutrients.

Boob Glue Review

The Doctors: Blissful Beauty Products - Boob Glue & The Cuchini Review

The Doctors watched as Km Douglas demonstrated how to use Boob Glue for cleavage, The Cuchini to stop wedgies and seaweed for a face mask.


Douglas said a recent study in England found three quarters of the women interviewed feel more confident and empowered about themselves when they have cleavage

Since it can be hard to get the perfect amount of cleavage, trying to walk the line between classy and trashy, Douglas suggested using Boob Glue. This product can be applied to the skin or the undergarment to help the woman get the most out of her breasts.

Don’t worry about sweat or the “glue” ruining your clothes or sticking to your body since it can all be washed off.


Check out the video below to see a before and after about how well the product works.

The Cuchini Review

Girls are always wearing tight clothing in the summer and it that clothing just happens to be white, it can make it difficult to conceal some of those lady parts. Douglas said one of the worst parts about wearing tight clothing is the wedgies and she is talking about the frontal wedgie.

To help alleviate the wedgie problem, Douglas suggested wearing The Cuchini. This product is a nice colored piece of fabric that can be placed in the pants of the bikini to stop any unfortunate wedgies.

Seaweed Facial Review

Douglas said one of the best ways to keep you skin looking nice and fresh during the summer time is a seaweed face mask. She said the seaweed face mask is great because it had tons of nutrients that soak right into the skin.

If you don’t want to place any seaweed on your face, you can simply drop the seaweed in a bath and let is soak into the water which will then soak into your skin.


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