The Doctors: All-In-One Sink Urinal: Yeong Woo Kim Urinal Sink


The Doctors TV Show never ceases to amaze me with how they find the most random and interesting products out there.  And today’s show was no exception.  The Drs TV Show showed a new product called the All-In-One Sink Urinal or the Eco UrinalThe Doctors TV Show Eco Urinal.

The Doctors: Eco Urinal

The Doctors said that the Eco Urinal was designed by a Korean fellow named Yeong Woo Kim.  So what makes this All-In-One Sink Urinal so Eco-Friendly?  Well it is all about how the Urinal Sink works of course!


How the All-In-One Urinal Sink Works:

1.  A man goes to bathroom in the urinal, which is also a sink.

2.  He washes his hands at the Urinal Sink.

3.  The water that he uses to wash his hands is used as the water needed to flush the urinal.  So no extra water is wasted.


The Doctors wondered whether the flush would be a low pressure flush.  Dr Lisa Masterson had a great point, which is that if you have an All-In-One Sink Urinal, then men may be more likely to remember to wash their hands since they cannot flush the urinal without washing their hands.  The flip side though is that some men may just skip flushing the urinal AND washing their hands.  Dr Travis Stork said that he  loves the concept of the Eco Urinal, but knowing men and men’s bathrooms, he thinks this product could be very misused.  It will be interesting to see if the All-In-One Sink Urinal catches on!


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