Malaika For Life Bracelets Fight Malaria & 4 Ds of Mosquito Protection


The Doctors: Malaria in Tanzania

What do you think is the most dangerous animal on the planet? It could be responsible for more than half the deaths throughout the history of humanity. This animal, which you might have seen in your own back yard, was a guest on The Doctors: it was the mosquito, and it is still spreading Malaria in places like Tanzania.

In 2009, a woman traveling in Tanzania was attacked by a mosquito, which gave her a deadly strain of malaria. She said she had a fever, chattering teeth, and severe pain. Over 650,000 people die of malaria every year, but she had the chance to get treatment before she died.


The cost of her life-saving medical care was $7, which stunningly is more than most people in that part of the world could afford. After her own experience, Kristen was inspired to change her life and give back.

The Doctors: Anti-Malaria Pill & Pregnancy Risks

Malaika For Life Bracelets Fight Malaria & 4 Ds of Mosquito Protection

A woman was inspired to start the Malaika for Life charity after surviving a deadly Malaria infection in Tanzania. Learn the 4 Ds of mosquito protection.


She created Malaika for Life, where you can buy a bracelet and save a life, because the money goes directly to providing needed medical care to fight malaria. The cost to treat 393 children was around $400, a small price for so many lives.

Kristen was in the audience at The Doctors, and she said that her experience opened her eyes to the worldwide risk of mosquitoes. Dr Travis Stork explained that mosquitoes are only harmful when they are carrying an infectious disease, like the parasite that causes Malaria.

Malaria invades the red blood cells and causes havoc, with painful symptoms that could lead to death. If you are planning to travel abroad to an at-risk area, get a prescription from your doctor for an anti-malaria pill, Dr Jim Sears advised. It can go a long way toward protecting you on your trip.

Dr Brad Spelberg said you only have to go back to the 1800s to find that Malaria used to be a problem in the United States. It is not currently a problem, but as mosquitoes migrate, the disease could find its way back to America.

The Drs TV: Malaika For Life Bracelets Fight Malaria

OB/GYN Dr Lisa Masterson said pregnant women are advised against traveling to at-risk areas, because the medication and treatment for Malaria is more risky. One sign of Malaria is a relapsing fever, so you might start to think you are getting better before you get worse.

Kristen started Malaika For Life, which provides malaria medicine to those who live in Tanzania. You can buy a bracelet that funds malaria medication, and the bracelets are made by local residents, so her foundation is also creating jobs for women.

You can buy a bracelet to save a life at

The Doctors: 4 Ds of Mosquito Protection

Mosquitoes come out at dusk and dawn, so those are the most important times to protect yourself. Drain standing water or stagnant water to prevent them from lingering near your home.

DEET is an insect repellent that works against mosquitoes, and you can also dress to protect yourself from mosquitoes by covering your skin, especially when traveling abroad.


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