Drs: Zika Protection Scams + Bullying Fines & Parents Body Image


The Doctors: Fake Products Offering No Protection From Zika

Psychotherapist Mike Dow and dermatologist Dr Sandra Batra joined Dr Travis Stork and Dr Andrew Ordon on The Doctors to take part in a discussion about recent health topics. They first took a look at products being sold as mosquito repellents, that actually aren’t. Gadgets like jewelry and stickers are being sold as protection against Zika, when they likely offer no protection whatsoever. Sales are up 650% from last year! The New York Attorney General’s office issued a cease and desist letter to seven different companies marketing bogus products claiming to offer protection.

Products include vitamin B patches, essential oil stickers, and bug repellent bracelets. Ultrasound devices could actually attract mosquitoes! It’s important to know the truth about what actually works, especially if you’re pregnant or trying to get pregnant.


As for what can actually protect you from Zika, deet is a great option. Bug repellents containing deet come in a variety of percentages, which stands for hours protection: 15% deet offers up to two hours of protection while 25% means up to 12 hours of protection. However, deet can potentially cause eye irritation and if applying to children, spray it on your hands first, then rub onto your child’s skin, being careful to avoid their eyes and hands. Products that don’t contain deet could still be effective. Look for an insect repellent product approved by the EPA. It was also suggested that you wear enough protective clothing and apply sunscreen underneath bug spray.

Drs: Zika Protection Scams + Bullying Fines & Parents Body Image

The Doctors discussed the large number of products becoming available that falsely offer protection against Zika. (dannychoo / Flickr)


The Doctors: Parents Fined For Bullying Children

Moving on, Dr Travis then shared that a town in Wisconsin, in an effort to keep kids safe from bullies, began fining parents up to $680 for their child’s bad behavior. If you’re the parent of a child under 18, you first get a 90-day warning from police if your child is caught bullying. After that, parents can be fined $366 for the first offense. If it happens again, the fine is $681. Sadly, this policy was the result of a school prom shooting involving a kid who was bullied. Mike Dow share that children who are bullied are 2-9 times more likely to try to commit suicide, which means something has to be done. Dr Batra countered that a fine could potentially exacerbate problems within the home of the bully, whose actions likely come from already existing issues at home.

How do you feel about this policy? Should parents be held accountable for their child’s actions?

The Doctors: How Parents Affect Body Image

Speaking of children, a new study out of Cornell University that studied 500 women aged 20-35 about their body image. Respondents were asked how frequently their parents commented on their weight when they were kids. Those who had a healthy weight were less likely to recall their parents commenting about their weight, whereas those who recalled comments were much less satisfied with their body image as adults.

Mike Dow stated that parents should actually lead by example, as opposed to encouraging them verbally. Dr Batra stated that if you have a true concern about the health of your child, don’t be afraid to talk with them about their health. Dr Travis liked the idea of addressing the issue as being about health, not about weight, which was a wonderful perspective.

Dr Ordon actually got a bit emotional as he spoke about when his own daughter gained some weight in college. He had tried to talk to her about it and initially discussed it as a health concern, but used words like “weight” and “fat.” He shared that it actually caused some problems and affected his relationship not only with his daughter, but his wife, so “it took some fixing.” He now wishes that he instead stressed good health and body acceptance.


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