Drs: Men Increasing Women’s Pain? + Escali & Hello Fresh Deals


The Drs: Do Men Make Women’s Pain Worse?

Drs: Men Increasing Women's Pain? + Escali & Hello Fresh Deals

The Doctors discussed the study that showed men actually increase a woman’s pain during childbirth. (Jiri Hera / Shutterstock.com)


The Doctors shared that a new study at the University College London did an experiment on 39 women who were each given a pin prick laser pulse on their finger and were asked to report levels of pain. The woman reported feeling more pain when their partners were in the room and less when they were by themselves.

Dr Drew Ordon said it can work both ways, depending on how the man is. Dr Travis Stork said we’re all a little prone to exaggerating a bit when loved ones are around. Dr Stork said when it comes to childbirth, at the end of the day, the men need to be supportive in whatever way they can. Dr Jennifer Ashton said everyone will experience pain differently and they have all kinds of ways to relieve pain.

She said some people can be incredibly helpful when it comes to pain, while others could make it a lot worse. Dr Stork said as a patient, it’s your right to tell the doctor you would rather be left alone.


The Drs: Escali Smart Scales Deal

The Doctors then welcomed Moll Anderson to the show to share her exclusive Doctors Deals. She started with Escali smart connect kitchen and bath scales. The kitchen scale weighs food and portions while the bath scale weighs your body and can hook up to an Apple or Android device. The scales usually cost $100-150 but with The Doctors Deal you pay just $46-69, a savings of 54%!

The Drs: Michael Todd Anti-Aging Serum Duo

Next, Moll shared the new anti-aging serum duo from Michael Todd. The duo normally costs $300, but you pay just $69, which is 77% off!

The Drs: Hello Fresh Meal Kit Deal

Finally, Moll shared the Hello Fresh three meal delivery box. It comes with ingredients for two and is like having your own private assistant run to the grocery store and provide you with ingredients and recipes you need to put the meal together. Everything comes pre-measured and it usually retails $59-69, but with The Doctors Deal you pay only $32-36, a savings of 46-48%!

The Drs: How To Get Rid Of Garlic Smell

The Doctors then revealed their Prescription of the Day, explaining that garlic can be a great and healthy flavor booster, but the smell lingers on your fingers. If you want to get rid of the smell, you can use stainless steel. Garlic contains sulfur molecules, and when cutting it, that transfers to your skin. If you touch stainless steel, the metal removes the sulfur from your skin. You can use everything from spoons to stainless steel bars.


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