Drs: Ideal Conceal Gun Resembles Phone + Whoopi & Maya Cannabis


The Doctors: Champagne Machine Gun

In a nod to Shark Tank, The Doctors brought back their “Doc Tank” in which they looked a few popular products and shared their honest opinions on whether they’re worth your money. They first looked at the champagne machine gun produced by a company out of Miami. The gun costs $459 and can produce a 16-23 foot spray for about 45 seconds. Dr Andrew Ordon whipped one out loaded with a bottle of champagne and was greeted with loud applause, only to reveal that it was actually empty because producers didn’t want him spraying the audience.

If you have the money to spend, it can surely be a lot of fun, but would you ever even consider spending that much for the product?


The Doctors: Ideal Conceal Pistol Looks Like A Smartphone

Drs: Ideal Conceal Gun Resembles Phone + Whoopi & Maya Cannabis

The Doctors spoke with the creator of the Ideal Conceal, a pistol that looks like a smartphone, about whether he considered the potential disastrous effects of putting his gun on the market. (xjs-khaos / Flickr)


The Doctors then moved on to reveal a new pistol called the Ideal Conceal that can resemble an ordinary pocket smartphone when it’s not in use. Thousands have reportedly already shown interest in the gun that will allegedly be available later this year. The inventor of the Ideal Conceal Pistol, Kirk, joined the show via Skype and explained that because of the increase in conceal carry permits across the country, his product allows people to carry a pistol in a way that is comfortable for them. He claimed that the majority of those who are against the product “don’t understand the conceal and carry market at all.”

Kirk claimed that he has a large of law enforcement officers who want it, with some agencies contacting him wanting one for their entire force, saying officers have hard time carrying in the summer when they’re just wearing shorts. Dr Jennifer Ashton wondered if Kirk had considered the fact that someone may pick up the pistol and not realize it’s a gun, only to accidentally injure or even kill themselves. As a mom, she saw it as a “ticking time bomb.” Kirk argued that children are more likely to pick up something that looks like an actual gun, while citing personal responsibility, saying that guns should be locked up and the Ideal Conceal should be treated like a weapon.

The Doctors: Controversial Gun Looks Like A Phone

A New York senator has already called the device a “disaster waiting to happen” and has called the Department of Justice and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to investigate. Kirk responded by saying that Senator Schumer has a long history of being anti-gun, and said the gun falls well within the National Firearms Act and ATF regulations, which means it’s legal. He claimed that they either have the choice to rewrite the second amendment or rewrite the National Firearms Act. He urged people who are concerned about the device to not buy it.

The Doctors: Whoopi Goldberg Marijuana Products For Period Pain

On a different note, Whoopi Goldberg recently announced that she was getting into the marijuana business with a company called Whoopi & Maya. The company offers cannabis-infused products designed to provide women relief during that time of the month. The products can reportedly ease cramps and discomfort with edibles, liquid extracts, rubs, and a bath soak. Whoopi shared that the products were inspired by her lifetime of difficult periods and the fact that cannabis was the only thing that gave her relief.

Dr Ashton is a fan of Whoopi, and gave her props for trying to address a medical issue that affects over 15% of women. She further explained that there’s not a lot of good data available that shows a connection between menstrual pain and marijuana use, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be safely use. She described it as “off-label use” because it hasn’t been studied and tested enough. The Doctors pointed out that it could be a good idea for Whoopi to fund her own studies and research to back up her products and claims.


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