The Drs: Healing Power Of Pets + Belezza Curling & Flat Irons


The Drs: Healing Power Of Pets

The Doctors heard from a woman who owns two cats who are certified as therapy pets. The woman takes her cat to nursing homes and other facilities to help people feel better. The cat will snuggle with patients and various people, always putting smiles on their faces. One woman has been visiting with the cat for five or six years and another man said cats know people better than people know people.

The Drs: Healing Power Of Pets + Belezza Curling & Flat Irons

The Doctors took a closer look at the healing power of pets. (Ksenia Merenkova /


The Doctors were joined by veterinarian Karen Halligan who said pets are like “emotional vitamins.” She said medically they have done studies that show people who have pets live longer, happier lives and have fewer medical bills, as well as lower blood pressure.

The Drs: ‘A Letter To My Cat’ Book

Lisa Erspamer, creator of A Letter to My Cat, explained that the book is made up of letters from 70 people who shared what her cat has done for them. Lisa said what was surprising is that the sentiments you feel toward a pet are very similar to what you feel toward a family member. She said the letters will make you cry and make you laugh.

The Drs: Marula Oil Essential System Kit

The Doctors then welcomed Moll Anderson to the show to share her Doctor’s Deals, starting with the Marula Oil Essential System Kit that is anti-aging and rehydrates your skin. It usually retails for $164 but you can get it for $49, a 70% discount!


The Drs: Salav Travel Garment Steamer

Next, Moll shared the Salav Travel Garment Steamer that she actually owns. The steamer usually retails for $60 but you can get it for $20, a discount of 63%!

The Drs: Belezza Curling & Flat Irons

Then, Moll shared her deal on the Belezza curling and flat irons. There are two different ones and they both can help to add shine. The curling iron usually costs $199, but with The Doctor’s Deal you can get it for only $34, a discount of 83%! The flat iron usually costs $275, but you’ll pay just $44, an 84% discount! Wow!

The Drs: Healthier Grocery Shopping

For The Doctors prescription of the day, they shared tips for healthier grocery shopping. First is knowing the bulls-eye zone, which is the second and third shelf from the top. That’s where the most selling and usually most unhealthy items go, because manufacturers actually pay a premium for those spots that are right at your eye level. The fourth row down is the kids’ eye level.

Shop the perimeter of the store first to fill your cart with whole foods, and then you can pick the aisles you go through.


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