Drs: Dangers Of Powdered Alcohol + Fillers For Muscle Definition


The Drs: Powdered Alcohol

Drs: Dangers Of Powdered Alcohol + Fillers For Muscle Definition

The Doctors discussed a new product called Palcohol. do you think powdered alcohol is safe? (my_world_perspective / flickr)

The Doctors talked about powdered alcohol. Palcohol is the powdered version of vodka, rum, and several other cocktails, and for some all you have to do is add water. The powdered alcohol was just approved for sale in the United States so you will likely see it on sale sometime in summer 2015. You take the powder and mix it into whatever you would like to use as a mixer, whether it’s orange juice or a soda.


Dr Jennifer Ashton said it’s a disaster waiting to happen and Dr Drew Ordon pointed out that some people will try to snort it. Dr Rachael Ross said there needs to be serious childproof packaging. The Doctors were joined by Mark Phillips, the creator of Palcohol. He explained that he’s an outdoor enthusiast and knows that carrying a lot of liquid alcohol can be heavy. He said his product is a great alternative for when you don’t want to carry all that weight.

The Drs: Worries About Palcohol

Dr Travis Stork said when used for that purpose, it makes a lot of sense. But as doctors, when they first heard about it, they were concerned about kids and adults not truly understanding how much alcohol they’re consuming. Mark explained that the 4×6 inch package contains about a shot’s worth of alcohol.

Dr Ashton shared that 4,300 people under the age of 21 die every year in the U.S. from alcohol-related causes. She was concerned that the powdered alcohol is a “ticking time bomb.” Dr Stork pointed out that the FDA approved it and Mark will likely make a lot of money. They can only hope that people use it as intended, rather than abusing it. He said this is a game changer and people have to be more vigilant about spotting it.


What do you think about powdered alcohol? Is it a great idea or a disaster waiting to happen?

The Drs: Temporary Fillers For More Defined Muscles

The Doctors then moved on to talk about Sculptra, which is an FDA-approved filler for the face only, but some are using it to fill out other parts of their body. Dr Ordon said he uses Sculptra all the time, but it’s meant to be used in a much smaller volume. He shared that he did have a request for the filler to be injected into a patient’s buttock. He said when you try to use it in the body, you need a large amount of it and it’s very expensive and it’s not permanent.

Dr Ordon said just to make a man’s pectoral muscles more defined, it would take a couple hundred milliliters of the filler. Not to mention, it’s FDA-approved for the face, not the body. He said it’s an off-label use with all kinds of health risks. Dr Ordon said it would even be safer to just go ahead and get implants. Dr Stork said, “Do some push-ups!” Exercise doesn’t cost thousands of dollars and doesn’t come with all those health risks!

Would you get temporary fillers somewhere in your body, even if you knew it was a huge risk?


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