Drs: Brilliance New York Gold Mask Deal + Antibiotic-Free Chicken


The Drs: Cartisio Vapor Steam Flat Iron

The Doctors were excited to once again welcome Moll Anderson to the show to share her incredible discounts on some great health and beauty products. Moll and Dr Rachael Ross started by looking at Cartisio argon oil vapor steam flat iron. The iron infused argon oil into your hair to make it shiny and smooth. It retails for $375 but you can pay just $79 with The Doctor’s deal, a 79% discount!

The Drs: DOPP Leather Toiletry Bag

Next, they looked at a genuine leather toiletry bag from DOPP. It’s a travel kit that comes in black or brown. You would normally pay $125, but you can get it for $59! That’s a savings of 53%!


The Drs: Brilliance New York 24K Gold Face Mask

Moll said she saved the best for last, as she revealed the Brilliance New York 24K gold facial mask. It comes with stickers for every month of the year. Moll shared that the masks normally cost $3,999 but you can get it for just $99! That’s a 98% off! Wow!

The Drs: Tyson Removing Antibiotics From Chicken

Drs: Brilliance New York Gold Mask Deal + Antibiotic-Free Chicken

The Doctors reported news that Tyson and McDonald’s are going antibiotic-free in the coming years. (usdagov / flickr)


The Doctors then shared their News in 2:00, reporting that by the end of September 2017, Tyson Foods wants to eliminate all antibiotics from its chickens. Tyson CEO said to News in 2:00 “Antibiotic-resistant infections are a global health concern… we’re confident our meat and poultry products are safe… but want to do our part to responsibly reduce human antibiotics on the farm so these medicines can continue working when they’re needed to treat illness.”

McDonald’s also recently announced that within two years, they will no longer use chickens treated with human antibiotics. Are you excited that companies are decided to go antibiotic free?

The Drs: R.I.P. Jean Nidetch, Weight Watchers Founder

Jean Nidetch, the founder of Weight Watchers, has died. For years, she struggled with obesity and then in 1961, she shed 72 pounds and started Weight Watchers. Weight Watchers promotes sensible meals that include fish and fruit, but the organization’s success came from group meetings where members could share their struggles with compulsive eating. In 1978, she sold the company to HJ Heinz for $71 million. Nidetch was 91 years old when she passed away.

The Drs: Hilary Duff Shape Magazine

The Doctors then shared that Hilary Duff is currently starring in Younger and landed the cover of Shape magazine. She said it’s hard to get back in shape after pregnancy, and she waited until she cared to do so.

The Drs: Swim Safety Device

The Doctors then shared that there’s a new wristband that was created to alert parents when their child has fallen in the water or if they’ve been submerged for too long. You can set it up for a non-swimming or a swimming child. Dr Ashton said if it saves one life it’s worth it, but a device can sometimes give a false sense of security. Never take your eyes off your children, because 21,000 people have died from drowning in the past 10 years.


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