Drs: Breast Lift Mask + Tiny Waist & 70-Inch Butt From Lymphedema

The Doctors: Sheet Mask Breast Lift Review

Sheet masks for your skin aren’t exactly a brand new thing, but what about for your cleavage? Could a sheet mask provide a lift for your breasts? Dr Andrew Ordon wasn’t so sure, but said it was likely that they would work to moisturize and improve the skin in that area. Dr Millie Behera, an OB-GYN, joked that as a mother of four she would want to know if they came in extra-strength. The Doctors wanted to put the Breast Mask to the test, so Elizabeth and Mona were willing to see if they could work for them. I’ll admit, I was certainly intrigued myself!

Emily Loftiss made a point that it costs $60, only lasts for 24 hours, and hits its “prime” at five hours, so they weren’t exactly selling the product!

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