Drs: Breast Lift Mask + Tiny Waist & 70-Inch Butt From Lymphedema


The Doctors: Sheet Mask Breast Lift Review

Sheet masks for your skin aren’t exactly a brand new thing, but what about for your cleavage? Could a sheet mask provide a lift for your breasts? Dr Andrew Ordon wasn’t so sure, but said it was likely that they would work to moisturize and improve the skin in that area. Dr Millie Behera, an OB-GYN, joked that as a mother of four she would want to know if they came in extra-strength. The Doctors wanted to put the Breast Mask to the test, so Elizabeth and Mona were willing to see if they could work for them. I’ll admit, I was certainly intrigued myself!

Emily Loftiss made a point that it costs $60, only lasts for 24 hours, and hits its “prime” at five hours, so they weren’t exactly selling the product!


Toward the end of the show, the two women shared that they didn’t notice much of a lift, but did enjoy the smell and liked the way it made their skin feel. Dr Ordon then explained that if you think your breasts may be sagging more than normal, try to see if you can hold a pencil underneath one breast, without your hands. He further explained that for most women, the problem actually comes from deflation, or a loss of volume, as opposed to stretched skin.

Drs: Breast Lift Mask + Tiny Waist & 70-Inch Butt From Lymphedema

Can a mask really give you the breast lift you’ve always wanted, without surgery? The Doctors put it to the test! (sodaniechea / Flickr)


The Doctors: Older Siblings In Delivery Room

On a different note, The Doctors moved on to discuss the new trend in allowing children to be in the delivery room while their siblings are born, with the idea being that the older child won’t be as jealous of the new addition. Dr Behera has actually seen children in the delivery room, as long as they were old enough to handle the “scenes” but she’s also witnessed partners and husbands literally pass out. Dr Behera pointed out that the entire scene could be potentially traumatic for a child and said it certainly changes things. Most important is a safe delivery, so doctors always have to keep that in mind. It’s important for expecting parents to always have an open discussion with their doctor, including a conversation about who will be in the delivery room on the big day.

The Doctors: 70-Inch Butt + Lymphedema

A 24-year-old woman with a small waist and 70-inch butt, Raylynn, began posting on social media to promote body positivity, no matter your size. But recently, Raylynn began offering nude photos and video of her backside for $11.95 a month, making a career out of her increasingly famous back side. She joined the show to discuss the positive and negative feedback she’s gotten. She admitted that she wasn’t expecting all the attention, especially people asking what’s wrong with her. People have accused her of having lymphedema, elephantiasis, or even that she just over-eats, but said it’s none of that.

For Raylynn, the hardest part is accepting her body as it is, because it’s not something she can hide. She’s never seen a doctor for her condition, but said it seems as if her body just doesn’t know how to distribute fat properly, so it all goes to one part of her body.

Dr Ordon took a closer look, noticing that she had a tiny waist with no deposits of fat in the waist or upper part of her hips. He explained that because her mom and aunt had similar conditions, it likely was a “classic case” of lymphedema, which is genetic condition she inherited. It’s a combination of fatty deposits in certain areas below the waist and a dysfunction of the lymphatic system. The recommended treatment is liposuction done in a specific way, as well as compression garments worn to maximize shrinkage of the skin. They offered to help Raylynn if she wanted it, and she shared that she certainly did.


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