Drs: Bone Broth Benefits + Acrobat Core Strengthening Exercise


The Doctors: Drinking Bone Broth?

The Doctors wanted to take a closer look at the latest health trends to find out if they’re really worth giving them a shot. The Doctors welcomed Max Lugavere, a nutrition trend expert. First, they looked at bone broth, and Max explained that bones are high in collagen, when many see as “the glue that holds the body together.” By boiling bones, the collagen releases, as well as minerals like magnesium. Dr Travis Stork said it tasted like gravy, but the after-taste was “challenging.” It’s incredibly pungent and Max said there’s evidence that collagen can increase skin elasticity. There’s certainly no downside to this trend.


The Doctors: Black Resin Drinks

Drs: Bone Broth Benefits + Acrobat Core Strengthening Exercise

Is bone broth really worth drinking? The Doctors talked about a couple popular health trends. (nourishingcook / Flickr)

Next, The Doctors and Max looked at black resin drinks. Max explained that “it walks the line between being biological and geological” and said it’s decaying organic matter that turns into tar. People mix the tar into water and other things, and even Max said it tastes and smells pretty funky. The Doctors weren’t a fan of the drink at all and Dr Travis even spit it out. Dr Jennifer Berman said she would rather drink the black resin, but Max said it’s not something he would invest his money into.


The Doctors: Tricks Of An Acrobat

The Doctors were then excited to talk about acrobats and the incredible strength and flexibility it takes for them to perform their stunts. They highlighted one Vegas acrobat in particular, showing how he was able to flip, twist, and throw women into the air, with what looked like no effort at all. Chris Tollette, an acrobat and holistic nutrition coach, just finished a run as a performer in Le Reve in Las Vegas.

Chris said he had to come up with ways just to keep himself in the show with diet and nutrition. He was performing twice a day, five days a week. He shared that he ate a lot of sprouts because they contain a lot of protein, and he would use a lot of micro-greens and other plant-based foods. For those who want to ease into acrobatics a little bit, Chris explained that it’s all about the core, which is a lot more than just your abdominal muscles. He said your core is really from your fingertips to your toenails.

The Doctors: At-Home Core Strengthening Exercises

Chris used rags underneath his hands, got down on his knees and then slide one arm out, engaging his entire body to strengthen it. He then pulled his arm back in, kept his back straight, and alternated his arms. He then did the same thing by putting the rags underneath his feet, alternating his legs, pulling them toward his chest.

The Doctors: Emergency Preparedness

A recent FEMA survey found that 60% of Americans haven’t practiced what to do in a disaster and many don’t even have a disaster plan. If disaster strikes, you need to know where to meet your family and who to call. It’s a good idea to have an out-of-area contact that all family members can reach out to. You can also sign up for local text alerts and warnings or download some weather apps. Learn basic first aid and how to use a fire extinguisher, also learn how to do CPR and pack a go bag that includes supplies you would need without power. Power was the word of the day and you can use the word power on The Doctors’ website to enter for a chance to win a gift package from Waka Waka that includes a solar powered flashlight, phone charger, and waterproof case.

The Doctors: DeAngelo Williams Breast Cancer Support

DeAngelo, a football player for the Pittsburgh Steelers, shared that hair was pink, as was his toenails, and he was going to wear pink on the field for the rest of his career to honor all those battling breast cancer, as well as survivors. The NFL refused to allow DeAngelo Williams year-round in honor of family members he lost to breast cancer, the football player decided to fund 53 mammograms, which is the same age his mother was when she died, at hospitals in Pittsburgh and Charlotte, North Carolina. Each mammogram will cost the star $243.

The Doctors: Dietary Supplement Warning

A new study from the CDC and the FDA claim dietary supplements are linked to 23,000 ER visits each year. In the study, young adults count for the majority of the cases, with the supplements linking to cardiovascular problems and severe allergic reactions.

The Doctors: Carrie Underwood Post-Baby Body

Carrie Underwood recently did a photoshoot for Shape magazine, showing off her post-baby body. She exercised during pregnancy and said she gained 30 pounds, but had to wait 6 week before working out again because of her c-section. Carrie credits a bread-less diet and boxing and hiking for her new post-baby fit body.

The Doctors: Reasons To Start Running

The Doctors shared that running can help you stay fit, but it can also keep your brain sharp and improve your mood. Plus, it could improve your hearing because of improved circulation. Another study found that those who suffer from migraines, experienced fewer headaches the more they worked out.


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