Drs: Barbar Blow Dryer & Walk Fit Orthotics + Portion Control Tips


The Drs TV: Lisa Hoffman Fragrant Bead Jewelry Set

It’s Friday on The Doctors which means Doctor’s Deals with Moll Anderson. She started with a fragrant bead jewelry set from Lisa Hoffman. You put the bracelet on, and it has a dangling heart in which you put fragrant beads so that every time you wave your hand you get a waft of scent that you choose. There are three different fragrances to choose from and it also comes with matching pearl stud earrings.

Drs: Barbar Blow Dryer & Walk Fit Orthotics + Portion Control Tips

The Doctors shared tips for portion control during the holidays or anytime. (Tashatuvango / Shutterstock.com)


The set usually costs $105, but with The Doctor’s Deal you can get it for just $35, which is a 67% discount.

The Doctors: Walk Fit Orthotic Inserts Review

Next, Moll shared platinum orthotic inserts from Walk Fit, and it’s actually a set of two. If you have shin splint problems, the orthotics are great for you. They usually retail for $40, but you can get them for $22, a discount of 45%.

The Drs TV: Barbar Eco-Friendly Blow Dryer Review

The last product was eco-friendly ceramic blow-dryers from Barbar. It dries your hair with 40% less energy. The blow-dryers usually retail for $150, but with the Doctor’s Deal you can get it for only $59, a savings of 61%.


 The Doctors: Portion Control Tips

Dr Travis Stork explained that although a lot of people over-indulge and gain weight over the holidays, but there are ways to avoid putting on weight and not completely derail our diet.

He shared tips for managing food portions during the holidays. He first suggested using smaller plates, saying that the same size helping of food actually looks like more food on a smaller dish so you’re likely to serve yourself less. You can also split an entree because many restaurants serve way more than you need in one sitting. You can also pack half of the entree to go as soon as it’s served.

Dr Stork said to remember to stop eating once you’re satisfied, saying you don’t have to feel completely stuffed before you stop eating.

The Drs TV: Snack On Frozen Grapes

The Doctors then shared their prescription of the day which is a way to avoid nightly binges. If you’re addicted to ice cream or frozen candies, you can instead enjoy frozen grapes. Dr Stork explained that freezing them makes them taste a little sweeter. Be aware of how frozen they are because you don’t want to crack your tooth, but grapes have fiber and natural sugars, which make them really good for you.


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