Drs: 8-Week Health Program + Profound Jaw Line Treatment


The Doctors: 8 Week Better Health Program

The Doctors were putting some popular products to the test to see if they could really do what their labels claim. They then switched gears a little bit to look at an 8-week program created by celebrity fitness trainer Lacey Stone. A woman shared that she gave birth to her daughter age 40 and struggled to lose the weight afterward. Another woman was constantly battling with her weight and desperately wants to lose weight and keep it off for the first time. They were both excited to go through the program to see how it could help them.


They admitted that they were pushed to places they didn’t know they could go, saying that Lacey did a great job at motivating them and getting them to work hard. It was a lot more of an emotional challenge than they expected, but they acknowledged that it was empowering and made them feel like they could be even better. Lacey Stone, Alex, and Jill joined the show.

Drs: 8-Week Health Program + Profound Jaw Line Treatment

The Doctors took a closer look at what happened when two women tried Lacey Stone’s 8-week health and fitness program. (djrome / Flickr)

Lacey explained that the diet that goes with her workout program takes out sugars and is about eating well, not dieting. She added that the mental component is the most important thing. If someone struggles to get motivated, she makes it clear that they have to perform well if they want a healthy, better life. One woman lost over 20 pounds while the other lost a little over 30 pounds!


The Doctors: VeniceMD Lift Serum For Puffy Eyes

The Doctors then went back to the procedure room with Stacy Cox, who had an under-eye cream. Stacy was with a woman who was hoping to take care of her dark circles, fine lines, crows feet, and puffiness around her eyes. The VeniceMD lift serum claims to work in just three minutes using plant extract, a plant caviar, along with a DNA-boosting ingredient and chamomile. After three minutes, you could certainly tell a difference in the eye that was treated and the eye that wasn’t! Dr Rachael Ross joked that she needed a couple bottles of it, because she was that convinced that it worked!

The Doctors: Profound Treatment For Sagging Jaw Line

The Doctors also looked at a product that promises results with just one session. A woman opened up about her wrinkly skin and sagging jaw line, that makes her feel self conscious. She doesn’t want to undergo surgery, but wants to do something to take care of her face. She was willing to try Profound for her saggy jowls. Profound is the first injectable laser which means the laser is delivered directly into the skin. The procedure takes 30 minutes and the skin is numbed ahead of time.

Nina joined the show with her before and after pictures, proving that the treatment most certainly made a difference. It wasn’t a huge difference, but at that point she only experienced 20% of the result, which she will see fully in at least a few more months if not a full year. Dr Jennifer Ashton agreed the results are incredible and can make people look like they’ve actually had a face lift. It costs $4,500, but you only need one treatment.

Would you try a procedure like this if it meant not having to get surgery?


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