The Doctors: Moll Anderson Doctor Deals + Sunlight & Weight


The Doctors: Doctor Deals

When you need some retail therapy, there’s nothing better than getting a great deal. That means that it was time for “The Doctors Deals,” which is brought to you by Deal Segments, INC. Lifestyle expert Moll Anderson came back to the show to share some great products that are available at some really deep discounts exclusively to The Doctors viewers.

The Doctors: Epilady Legend Epilator Review

The Doctors: Moll Anderson Doctor Deals + Sunlight & Weight

Moll Anderson came by to show off some amazing Doctor Deals. (Stuart Miles /


The first thing Anderson showed has actually been around for a long time. She showed an Epilady Epilator, which I have actually been thinking about trying, so I was excited to hear more about this product and whether it really works. Sometimes these things don’t work like they say they will, but Anderson seemed pretty confident in recommending it, which was good.

She showed the “Legend” one, which basically has a training wheel like a bike that teaches you how to go down the leg as it pulls the hair from the root. Unlike waxing you don’t have to wait a long period of time where it gets really weird looking. You can use this anytime and “it works fabulous.” It normally retails for $80, but now because of the “Doctor Deal” you can get it for just $39. That really is a great deal. That’s a 51% discount.

The Doctors: Brilliant New York Flatiron Review

Next Anderson showed “the perfect flat iron.” It was the “Brilliant New York.” It’s ceramic and won’t fry your hair. It makes it smooth, straight, and beautiful. It also comes with a fold comb and a bottle of argon oil, which seals the hair and has vitamin E. It makes your hair super shiny. It’s normally $339, but you can get it for $55. That’s nuts.


The Doctors: Lola Bernard Genoa Satchels Review

She also showed the Lola Bernard Genoa satchels. They have a zipper on the side for easy access and pouches inside. It comes in a bunch of colors and is genuine leather. It sells for $350, but you can get it for $84. “You can buy all your Christmas presents now ahead of time,” Anderson said. The deals are only available in the United States, but still there are some great things that you can get.

The Doctors: Sunlight and Weight

The Doctors ended the day with “The Doctors Prescription.” The one part of your day that could be making you gain weight is keeping the window coverings closed. Sunlight starts your body’s eternal clock, but can also kick start your metabolism.

A new Northwestern study suggests that morning sunlight actually leads to a lower weight. The timing, intensity, and duration of sun exposure during the day is actually linked to how much you weigh. People who had the most exposure to light during the morning had a significantly lower BMI than those who had it later in the day. People had lower BMIs irregardless of their physical activity.


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