Can Music Cure Alzheimers & Dementia? Are iPods the Missing Link?


The Doctors: Music and Memory Are Linked!

Music and memory are dependent on each and music is now helping Dementia patients express themselves

Dr. Travis Stork pointed out that music is very attached to our memories, which is why started an iPod Nursing Home Program. When the brain is damaged from dementia it can injure the part of the brain that controls our speech and language making it very hard for patients to express what they feel and think. But when the patient hears music it can bring out different parts of the brain which were not heavily in use, said Stork. When a person taps their foot to music, it is using a different part of their brain than they would use if they were trying to listen to the words in the song. Music is so layered, said Dr. Travis Stork, with beats, rhythm, words, tempo and many other factors, that many parts of the brain must work at once to hear it all. This allows the brain to use areas of which are not destroyed by dementia.


Dr. Laura Mosquedo talked about the ways the music can be stored in the brain and the effects of memories and music together. Everyone can relate long term memories to different songs. The song you had your first kiss too, the song your father sang you to sleep with. Those are my two favorites. What are your favorite moments you immediately connect to a song? Let me know in the comment section below.

The Doctors Promote Ensure

Dr. Ordon talked about the importance of getting enough protein in a person’s diet. He recommended eating a healthy amount of meat and eggs to obtain the right amount of protein. He also said drinking a lot of Ensure would help in gaining needed protein to stay healthy.


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