The Drs: Run Over Twice + Facial Reconstruction For Survivor


The Doctors: Run Over Twice & Survived

The Doctors introduced Jasmine, a mother of four kids. She was walking down a dirt road late at night, headed to the store, when suddenly a car lost control and hit her. She was tossed into the center divider but the car sped away, and within seconds she was hit by a second car. Ruben, Jasmine’s fiance, explained that there was a man there who called 9-1-1 and held her hand until paramedics came. Jasmine was pronounced dead twice that night.


Her clothes had tire marks all over them and her face was literally split open. When Jasmine woke up, she knew something was wrong because of how she was speaking. When doctors showed her what she looked like, she went into shock, realizing that she almost had no face at all. She had a broken jaw, lost four of her upper teeth, and suffered brain damage. Her knees were practically split in half and she has a metal plate in her arm that they’re not able to remove or else she could become paralyzed. Her face is disfigured and she suffers from constant pain. She’s unable to stand for more than two hours at a time, and she’s unable to hold a job. Anytime she hears loud noises like an ambulance or a firetruck, she experiences flashbacks.

The Drs: Run Over Twice + Facial Reconstruction For Survivor

The Doctors shared the incredible story of a woman who survived being run over by two cars, but was left with painful emotional and physical scars. (sethstoll / Flickr)

Her husband has to help her use the bathroom, which is devastating for her because she never had to depend on anyone before. More than anything, she just wants to feel normal again.


The Doctors: Facial Reconstruction After Being Run Over By Two Cars

Jasmine then joined The Doctors on set. Dr Travis Stork began by telling Jasmine that she was a true miracle and is certainly a fighter. The good news is that a lot of Jasmine’s bone injuries are healing well. But because she’s having such a hard time with her facial scars, they sent her to see plastic surgeon Dr Behrooz Torkian to see what could be done to improve her breathing and facial appearance. Jasmine has a hard time breathing, especially while she’s trying to eat. She hadn’t yet had her teeth replaced.

Dr Torkian first noticed that Jasmine had a lot of scarring in her nasal cavity that closed off a good portion of her airway. He explained that the passageway is only about 1/3 of the size it should be. The most difficult thing for Dr Torkian to correct will be Jasmine’s nasal symmetry, followed by the nasal bridge, which he described as “smushed to bits.” He also wanted to help improve the appearance of her upper lip.

Dr Torkian joined the show, sharing that he wanted to help Jasmine heal on the inside by fixing the problem on the outside, so he offered to perform the surgery for free.

The Doctors: Surprise For Accident Survivor

Because Jasmine was still missing some of her teeth, Dr Joe Willardsen and Dr John Willardsen, both cosmetic dentists, explained that after losing teeth and a lot of bone structure in the upper jaw, it can change the profile of the face. They understood the importance of restoring that structure and replacing the teeth to make a huge difference in terms of Jasmine’s appearance. They offered to do that for Jasmine at no cost. New Beginning Physical Therapy offered Jasmine six months of in-home physical therapy as well. A psychologist at Achieve TMS also offered Jasmine six months of psychiatric care to help her overcome everything she’s been through.

The Doctors: Man Saved Strangers Life

The Doctors then had one more surprise for Jasmine. There was one man who had the courage to stop, call 9-1-1, and stay by Jasmine’s side that night. That man was a true hero, and his name is Trent. He joined the show, allowing Jasmine to give him a huge tear-filled hug. She thanked Trent for allowing her to see her kids again. Trent explained that he didn’t know what he was seeing at first, but once he realized it was a person he called 9-1-1. He found Jasmine lying face-down and didn’t know if she was alive or not. When he turned her over, he could hear air moving through the opening on the side of her face. Trent just so happened to be a nurse, but truly anyone can save someone in need just by calling 9-1-1.

Jasmine then shared that she felt as if God was finally answering her with a miracle.


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