The Drs: Purpose of the Gallbladder & Appendix Houses Good Bacteria


The Doctors: Gallbladders – Reservoir For Bile

The Drs: Purpose of the Gallbladder & Appendix Houses Good Bacteria

The Doctors looked at the purpose of the gallbladder and explained how gallstones can cause much pain. They also revealed the appendix does have a purpose.

Some body parts are necessary to our well-being but when they become dangerous they must be removed with surgery. One such body part is the gallbladder.


Dr. Travis Stork explained the gallbladder is a not necessary to our everyday health but it does help our body break down fat. The gallbladder is a sort of reservoir that holds bile which our body releases when we are done eating to help our intestines digest fat. When there is no gallbladder, the body simply sends the bile right into the intestines with no need for a reservoir.

The Doctors said the gallbladder can become infected leading to gallstones developing and blocking the path the bile travels which can cause a lot of pain for a person. When this happens, infections start to run rampant inside the gallbladder leading to immense pain, nausea and vomiting.

Check out the video below to hear Dr. Andrew Ordon describe how doctors have found a new way to remove the gallbladder without leaving any scarring or making an incision. You won’t believe where they go through.


Does the Appendix Serve a Purpose?

Many doctors used to believe the appendix served no purpose but new research has suggested the appendix might be a housing area for good bacteria. While doctors would have been more willing to remove the appendix in the past, they might think twice about it now.

Symptoms Of Appendicitis

Sometimes, though, the appendix has to be removed. According to Dr. Stork, the appendix can become inflamed when a piece of fecal matter is caught in it. This can lead to a high fever, no appetite, vomiting and nausea.If the appendix is not removed while it is inflamed, it can burst, causing even more problems for the patient.

In the old days, surgeons would make a small incision in the lower right abdomen and cut out the appendix but now surgeons are going through the belly button where they are making a smaller incision and hiding the scar inside the belly button.

In the video below, Dr. Andrew Ordon demonstrates how the appendix is removed.


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