The Drs: Marcia Gay Harden & Luis Guzman In ‘Code Black’


The Doctors: Code Black

The Doctors shared a preview of the new medical drama Code Black starring Marcia Gay Harden. The Doctors were joined on stage by Marcia Gay Harden and Luis Guzman, who star in the show, as well as the producer of Code Black Ryan McGarry. Ryan explained that the name of his show came from a code that some hospitals use to designate an internal disaster such as an influx of patients at once. He said the main idea is based on how a doctor can make a connection with a patient when there’s total chaos surrounding them.


The Doctors: Marcia Gay Harden & Luis Guzman

The Drs: Marcia Gay Harden & Luis Guzman In 'Code Black'

Marcia Gay Harden joined the show to talk about “Code Black” and playing an E.R. doctor on T.V. (grey0beard / Flickr)

Dr Travis Stork said the emergency room can truly be chaos at times and Luis said he actually approaches the show as if he’s showing up to save lives, not act. Luis actually started out as a social worker, working as a part-time actor at the same time. He said he loves helping people help themselves and this show is all about that. He said there’s a humanity that comes from within you when you’re a doctor that says no matter who you are, I’m going to help you.

Marcia plays the main E.R. nurse on the show and said her character has to have everyone following a fast, safe way to save lives at all times. She talked about how they have to recreate so many things that actually happen in emergency medicine.


The Doctors: Playing E.R. Doctors On TV

Dr Travis wanted to put Luis and Marcia to the test to see if they can actually perform as E.R. doctors. Marcia joked that she wanted it to be mouth-to-mouth. Dr Travis pretended to be under cardiac arrest. Luis explained that if you’re flapping your arms like a chicken when performing CPR, you’re doing it the wrong way. He showed how CPR is done from the shoulders instead, proving that he really has an idea about what he’s doing.

Ryan shared that in a trauma situation, it’s important to use an ultrasound to check for blood and one of the first places they look is around the heart. Marcia and the rest of the cast know how to give an ultrasound, showing that this show is done pretty realistically. Dr Travis said he loves the realism of the show, and thanked Ryan, Marcia, and Luis for bringing that to the small screen.

Do you plan on watching Code Black?

The Doctors: Marcia Gay Harden, What Is Brain Health?

Marcia took a moment to share that she’s an advocate for “What is Brain Health?” Marcia said brain health is important to her so she’s done humorous PSA’s encouraging people to do what’s necessary to keep their brains healthy. Eating right, exercising, and being aware is important, and Marcia is happy to be a part of such a great initiative.

Have you seen Marcia’s PSA’s? Do you think she’s making a difference in the world of brain health?


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