The Drs: Liposuction Injection + Stem Cells Torn Shoulder Repair


The Drs: Liposuction Injection

The Doctors shared that getting the same results as liposuction from a non-invasive injection could soon be a reality. Lipo 202 is a formulation that can be administered in under five minutes with tiny injections, which means there is no numbing agent or down time required. Could a quick injection be the answer for you?

Dr Drew Ordon said everyone is looking for that quick fix, and this is not the first time people have talked about injections to help get rid of fat. He explained that these injections target subcutaneous fat, which is superficial, meaning you can pinch it. The injection is an alcohol that emulsifies some of the fat. The problem is that you’re not 100% sure which fat cells are being dissolved and you’re relying on your own lymphatic system to remove the dissolved fat.


The Drs: Surgery-Free Liposuction

The Drs: Liposuction Injection + Stem Cells Torn Shoulder Repair

The Doctors took a closer look at a liposuction injection and how stem cells can be used as an alternative to routine shoulder repair surgery. (akras / flickr)

Dr Ordon’s opinion is that it could help people who have a small amount of subcutaneous fat, but he doesn’t think it would be able to replace regular liposuction. It won’t be available until at least 2017. To use it right now you have to be part of the trial.

Would you consider liposuction if it meant an injection, rather than surgery?


The Drs: Torn Shoulder Repair Alternative

The Doctors then moved on to talk about another injection and shared that Jennifer had been suffering from shoulder pain for ten years. She was trying to avoid surgery at all costs, but she had actually torn both of her shoulders. She opted out of surgery, knowing that she would have to take months off of work. She got back into exercise, but one day while she was doing yoga she felt her arm completely tear.

Simple tasks are hard for her, including fully extending her arms. She can’t reach above her head and even driving for a long period of time becomes uncomfortable for her.

The Drs: Stem Cell Injections For Torn Shoulders

Jennifer underwent a bilateral stem cell injection and Dr Bal M. Rajagopalan explained that she had labral tears, which is where the cartilage of the shoulder is torn, making the entire shoulder unstable. He then explained that the pelvis is the main area where we have the most stem cells in our bone marrow. He made a slight stab into the bone and pulled out the bone marrow.

He then used a machine to spin the bone marrow and isolate the stem cells. He pulled out the platelet rich plasma from the stem cells and used the stem cells to put right into the shoulder. The stem cells will help the shoulder regenerate, will reduce inflammation, and help repair the injury.

The Drs: Stem Cell Therapy

Jennifer and Dr Bal joined The Doctors just four days after the procedure and Jennifer shared that she was actually shocked by how good she felt. She said what’s most surprising to her is that she can put her hands above her head, which she hasn’t done in ten years.

Dr Bal said stem cells are “magical” because they are a strong anti-inflammatory. He said he’s seen different reactions in his patients, but Jennifer’s isn’t uncommon. He explained that the procedure worked for Jennifer because she had an “undisplaced labral tear” rather than one where her labrum was completely separated.

Would you consider stem cell injections instead of routine orthopedic surgery?


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