The Drs: Laser Treatment For Liver Spots, Mouth Acne & Dental Implants


The Doctors: Dental Implants For Dentures

The Drs: Laser Treatment For Liver Spots, Mouth Acne & Dental Implants

The Doctors shared advice on embarrassing concerns like liver spots and slipping dentures.

Doctors viewer Debra has had dentures for almost a year, but she just couldn’t get used to them. Their constant moving made it difficult to eat in public, so she wondered if there was a solution for her slipping dentures.


Dentist Dr. Miguel Stanley explained that there are two types of dentures: partial dentures, which are kept in place with the remaining teeth, and full dentures. Since Debra has full dentures, Dr. Stanley suggested dental implants.

While dentures often slip out of place because of the tongue and cheek muscles, dental implants help them stay put. The small implants are screwed into the jaw and hidden in the bone. The dentures then literally “snap” into place, and slipping is no longer an issue. Best of all, the procedure takes only about an hour.


The Drs: Liver Spot Laser Treatment

Dermatologist Dr. Howard Liu assisted The Doctors with their next embarrassing problem. Like Debra, Sue’s issue was also quite common. She is in her 50s, but the liver spots on her hands and arms make her appear much older.

Dr. Andrew Ordon explained that contrary to their name, liver spots have nothing to do with the liver. They are extra pigment in the skin caused by sun damage. Luckily, laser treatments can help treat liver spots, sometimes in just one treatment.

Dr. Liu used an icon laser on Sue’s hands, which delivers high-energy pulses in order to target extra pigment on the skin. Within 3-5 days, Sue’s hands should darken, and her liver spots will then be less noticeable.

The Doctors: Mouth Breakouts Caused By Lip Balm

Finally, The Doctors tackled the issue of breakouts with viewer Miranda, who wrote in via email. Miranda suffers from breakouts around her mouth and wanted to know what could be causing them.

Dr. Liu’s immediate suspicion was that Miranda could be having an allergic reaction, or the hair follicles around her mouth could be clogged. The issue could be due to lip balm or lip gloss, which often clogs the pores around the mouth.

If you’re having a similar problem with mouth breakouts, look for noncomedogenic – aka, non pore-clogging – lip balms and glosses. You can bring the product you use to your dermatologist, and he or she can perform tests. It’s important to check the ingredients in the products you use.


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