The Drs: Large Facial Keloids + Treatment Obstacles & Options


The Doctors: Living With Large Keloids

The Doctors introduced a man who has been living with a devastating condition for years. Keenan was 9-years-old when he got the chicken pox and after he got over them, there was a scar on his face that grew into a keloid. Keenan went to the dermatologist, who cut that keloid off. About 5-6 months later, more of them started to grow. He’s had 7 surgeries in two years, and every time he had them removed, he felt so much better, only to have them grow back bigger and worse.


When the keloids were at their worst, Keenan was suffering from depression and almost gave up. He found a doctor who has a high success rate, but the cost of the treatment is too much. About six months ago, he filmed a video and posted it to a GoFundMe page, hoping to raise money for the treatment. The video went viral in less than three hours. He’s raised over $30,000, which means he has enough money to get started, but he still has a long way to go.

The Drs: Large Facial Keloids + Treatment Obstacles & Options

The Doctors spoke with a man who has been living with large keloids on his face for years, about his treatment options. (phalinn / Flickr)


The Doctors: Obstacles To Treating Keloids

The Doctors welcomed Keenan and his mother to the show. He said the hardest part for him is going out in public and sleeping at night. He revealed that he actually has to walk around with a towel because he’s dealing with so much drainage. Keenan said his mom is his biggest motivation, and she’s the one that helps him stay positive.

Dr Travis Stork explained that when it comes to keloids, a surgery may temporarily de-bulb the keloid, but often times they come back bigger, which is why the solution isn’t simple. Dr Michael Jones was worried about Keenan’s type 2 diabetes, which he was diagnosed with in 2006. When he was diagnosed, his blood sugar was 653. He has to get his diabetes under control in order for Dr Jones to be able to help him.

The Doctors: Getting Diabetes Under Control

Dr Jorge Rodriguez wrote a book called “The Diabetes Solution” and he was going to follow Keenan weekly to make sure his A1C level goes down below 7 so that he can be treated. His A1C is currently at 11. Keenan said he was absolutely on board, and was excited to hear that The Doctors got him a personal trainer to get him in shape.

The Doctors: Treatment For Keloids

The Doctors were then joined via Skype, by Dr Michael Jones, Keenan’s surgeon in New York. Dr Jones explained that he was already able to remove two large keloids from the side of Keenan’s head and the back of his scalp, so he’s headed in the right direction at this point. Dr Jones explained that his treatment is different because it’s an in-office radiation device that lets him administer the radiation in the office, at the time of surgery, which is different than radiation someone would get in a hospital. That radiation only penetrates the skin 5 millimeters, which they believe to be the secret.

Dr Jones then shared that he and his wife, as well as everyone at his office has been touched by Keenan’s story, which is why he was going to donate all of his services to treat Keenan’s keloids. Keenan was so excited he busted out a few dance moves.


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