The Drs: Laparoscopic Keyhole Surgery Removes Hernia from Woman


The Doctors: What Is a Hernia?

Do you know what a hernia is? The Doctors described it as a weakness in the abdominal muscle wall. This weakness allows the intestines to protrude through the wall and it creates a small bulge that can become dangerous. If the hernia is not taken care of in a certain amount of time, The Doctors said it can grow so large that no blood can flow to the area, essentially suffocating a part of your body.

The Drs: Laparoscopic Keyhole Surgery Removes Hernia from Woman

The Doctors met a woman who had a very bad hernia. They sent her to get a laparoscopic keyhole surgery to remove the hernia.


Hernias do not just form in the groin area either. The Doctors said they can also develop near the belly button.

Cheryl Deals With a Hernia

Cheryl told The Doctors she loves being active but she recently noticed a lump near her groin that made it painful for her to work out. She was nervous the lump could be cancer but when she had it examined by a doctor, he told her it was actually a hernia.

Cheryl opted not to take care of the hernia right away and it started to bulge out of her so badly that she had to give up exercising for two months. Finally the pain was so bad she knew she needed to have the hernia taken care of.


Keyhole Surgery To Remove Hernia

The Doctors sent Cheryl to Dr. Daniel Marcus who used a new kind of procedure called a keyhole procedure to remove the hernia.

The procedure starts by making three small incisions near the bellybutton and then, using a tool that can laparoscopically enter the abdomen, Dr. Marcus removed the hernia. He then placed a piece of mesh and some dissolvable screws inside Cheryl.

After the surgery, Cheryl said she felt great and she is back to exercising again. If you would like to see the procedure performed, watch the video below.

Dangers Of Leaving a Hernia To Become Worse

Dr. Marcus said many people do not see hernias as a very big problem. They believe if it doesn’t hurt, there is no reason to worry about it but that is not the case. Dr. Marcus said any time it can not be pushed back in, it should be looked at by a doctor.


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