The Drs: Health Dating Sites & Gastric Bypass Surgery Risks & Benefits


The Doctors: Gastric Bypass Surgery Increase

The Drs: Health Dating Sites & Gastric Bypass Surgery Risks & Benefits

The Doctors discussed the risks and benefits of gastric bypass surgery in obese patients.

First up on an all-new episode of The Doctors, Dr. Travis Stork brought up the topic of bariatric and gastric bypass surgery. A new study reports that the number of gastric bypass surgeries have increased significantly; in 1998, about 12,000 people underwent the surgery. Now, that number has reached 200,000. The Doctors evaluated some of the risks and benefits of gastric bypass.


The Drs: Healthcare Cost After Gastric Bypass

This same study compared that the long term medical costs for people who had had gastric bypass were the same as those who had not, meaning no cost savings. Of course, benefits of losing weight are a reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, etc. But the doctors were all shocked to learn that having gastric bypass did not save people money in healthcare. Dr. Andrew Ordon pointed out that newer techniques will probably make the surgery more cost effective in the future. See more of this discussion in the video below.

The Doctors: Gastric Bypass and Pregnancy

Surprisingly, half of all gastric bypass surgeries are performed on women of child-bearing age. Dr. Lisa Masterson explained some of the concerns women should have about undergoing gastric bypass when it comes to issues of fertility and pregnancy.


Sometimes, gastric bypass can result in complications with birth control and pregnancy. An issue such as poor absorption can put the baby at risk. Dr. Jim Sears knew of a patient who developed night blindness while pregnant because her body wasn’t absorbing vitamin A. When her baby was born, he also had night blindness.

On the other hand, being slimmer reduces a woman’s risk for gestational diabetes, which is a major positive. It’s important that you address these issues with your doctor if you are considering gastric bypass. “It’s not a magic bullet,” as Dr. Travis explained. There are both risks and benefits associated with gastric bypass surgery, and it does require an entire change in lifestyle.

The Doctors: Health Dating Sites

The Doctors then discussed a new trend in online dating that helps members find their health match as well as their love match. Sites such as Prescription for Love and No Longer Lonely allow you to search for people who share your medical history, whether it’s ADD or mental health issues.

The Doctors all agreed that this could be a great method of finding love for many people, for example, people with severe allergies. If you find someone who shares your same exact allergy, he or she could be a great person to share your life with. Of course, two people with potentially dangerous, genetically predisposed diseases is an entire separate issue that raises its own set of questions.

“The more you think about it, I think it’s a good thing,” Dr. Ordon eventually admitted. Dr. Travis wondered if these sites could work for friendships, too; he likes the idea of a community where similar people can come together and help each other out.


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