The Drs: Funeral For Lost Friendship? + Pimple Popping Videos


The Doctors: Guys Hold Funeral For Lost Friendship

Have you ever had a friendship that seemed to just die or fade away? Well one group of guys actually held a funeral for an old friend who, according to the men, “might as well be dead.” They wore all black, rented a hearse and a coffin, and made an In Memory program for everyone because their best friend disappeared from their lives after he met a new woman. “The death of a bro,” Dr Travis Stork said.


Abandoning your friends because of a relationship only ends up hurting you in the end. It’s important to keep friendships because they can truly last a lifetime. Plus, those who tend to focus solely on their relationships and forget about friendships, tend to regret it later on. Have you ever lost a friend because of a relationship? Would you ever hold a funeral for someone who didn’t even die?

The Drs: Funeral For Lost Friendship? + Pimple Popping Videos

Would you ever hold a funeral for a friendship that seems to have faded away? That’s exactly what one group of friends did. (wickenden / Flickr)


The Doctors: Homecoming Threat From A Dad

Next, The Doctors wanted to talk about homecoming night, which can be a nightmare for some parents. One dad had a solution to protecting his daughter, by sharing a picture that has since gone viral. The picture shows his daughter with her date standing behind her, arms wrapped around her waist. Then next to it, is a picture of the dad standing behind his daughter’s date, the same way. The caption reads “Whatever you do to my daughter, I will do to you.”

It’s all in good fun, although we all know how nervous dates can be on homecoming night!

The Doctors: Pimple Popping Video Face-Off

The Doctors then moved on to welcome back “Dr Pimple Popper” dermatologist Sandra Lee. Dr Lee’s videos have gone viral, but recently, a doctor from Texas sent in a video, calling himself “Big Poppa.” He an his team love to share videos of cysts, zits, and every other gruesome popping video.

The Doctors were excited to hold a “pop off” putting Dr Lee up against Dr John Gilmore. Both have millions of views on YouTube of their graphic videos. The Doctors then wanted to play the graphic videos each doctor submitted, to decide who would take home the title. First, Dr Lee shared one of her favorite videos, of a guy who had a golf ball-sized cyst on his upper back. She described it as being like pulling a Kleenex out of the guy’s back.

Then, Dr Gilmore shared a video of a man with a cyst on his neck, and what happened when he took care of it. Let’s just say, there was certainly a pop! So who’s was the most graphic? The audience voted Dr Gilmore the winner this time around!


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