The Drs: Celebrity Elbow Tuck & Importance of Protein in the Morning


The Doctors: Celebrity Elbow Tuck

The Drs: Celebrity Elbow Tuck & Importance of Protein in the Morning

The Doctors sent one woman to get a celebrity elbow tuck for her saggy elbows and they went over the importance of eating protein in the morning.

Leticia said the one part on her body she would change would have to be her elbows. She said they are the only thing that reveals her age. To help Leticia relieve her problem with her elbows, they sent her to Dr. Ryan Stanton, a plastic surgeon, to have a celebrity elbow tuck.


Dr. Stanton said a celebrity elbow tuck is similar to a tummy tuck except it is performed on the elbow. He said the procedure takes about 20 minutes total to complete, the patient only needs a few stitches and Laeticia was able to drive herself home pain free.

Dr. Andrew Ordon pointed out this is a procedure a lot of older women ask for. As time goes by, those areas we move a lot, like our necks and elbows, tend to get flabbier skin the rest of our body.

Dr. Stanton, who has been doing the procedure for four years now, said his goal during the procedure is to leave the person with the same mobility they had before while still removing enough of the skin to get rid of the sag with just enough left over to sew the elbow skin back together.


Check out the video below to see how Leticia’s elbow looked before the procedure and after. You can even watch the surgery be performed if you have a strong enough stomach.

Importance of Starting the Day with Protein

The Doctors said one of the most important things to do in the morning is to eat a breakfast with some kind of protein. Children need the protein to help them grow and adults need the protein to help them build muscle and carry oxygen around the body.

Have ever wondered why you are tired in the middle of the day? The Doctors said this happens because you have not eaten protein. Your body has nothing to burn for energy. They suggested eating 10 to 20 percent of your protein during breakfast.

The Doctors suggested drinking milk in the morning to fulfill some of your daily protein requirements. Since milk has nine essential nutrients, it isn’t just good for protein intake. It is also loaded with vitamins.

Why do we need to drink protein? The Doctors said it is important for all parts of our body, especially for women since they are four times more likely to develop osteoporosis than a man. Drinking milk can strengthen bones and lower the risk for osteoporosis.


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