The Drs: Carmen Tarleton Face Transplant & Interview With Travis Stork


The Doctors: Carmen Tarleton Interview

The Doctors first met Carmen Tarleton in October of 2011. In 2007, the mother of two was savagely attacked, beaten and burned over 80% of her body. Her tragic yet ultimately inspirational story has touched the lives of millions since she first sat down with Dr. Travis Stork. Now, in a Doctors exclusive, Dr. Travis sat down with Carmen once again to witness her incredible transformation.

Recently, Carmen Tarleton became the first-ever full face transplant recipient. Read on for more information on Carmen’s story, the painstaking details of her extraordinary surgery, and of course, also witness the brand new Carmen Tarleton herself.


The Drs: Carmen Tarleton Face Transplant & Interview With Travis Stork

After a 15 hour face transplant surgery, Carmen Tarleton spoke with Dr. Travis Stork about her new lease on life.

Carmen Tarleton: Burned On Over 80% Of Her Body

Carmen’s story proves just how much life can change in mere minutes. At 2:30 in the morning, Carmen’s ex-husband broke into her house and attacked her. While her daughters hid and called the police, he beat Carmen with a baseball bat, tied her hands behind her back and covered her in industrial strength lye.

When Carmen finally woke up from a medically-induced coma, she had many broken bones, 80% of her body was burned and she was blind. However, it isn’t Carmen’s devastating injuries, but her amazing spirit and positive energy that define her. When Carmen Tarleton last spoke with The Doctors, she referred to herself as “blessed.”


Carmen Tarleton: 15 Hour Face Transplant Surgery

After finding the right match for a donor, Carmen underwent a full face transplant at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. The 15-hour surgery involved a medical team of 40 people that worked to weave countless muscles, sensory nerves and arteries and veins together. Just days after her release, Dr. Stork traveled to Boston and visited with the brand new Carmen Tarleton. Despite the long road of recovery that still lies ahead, Carmen is already well on her way.

Carmen Tarleton: Face Transplant Reveal

Immediately, the difference between Carmen before and Carmen after was drastic. No longer is her face pink, scarred and disfigured. Now Carmen has fully defined features, clear skin and even some hair growth. As Dr. Stork pointed out, Carmen even has rosy cheeks. Despite lacking feeling in most places, Carmen can move her lips, speak clearly and reported that she’s experiencing much less pain than before. Witness this incredible transformation in the video below.


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