The Drs: Botched Tummy Tuck + Plastic Surgery Nightmare

The Doctors: Plastic Surgery Nightmare

The Doctors introduced a mother of five and a caregiver to a brother with ALS and an ailing father, Sherry. Sherry decided to get a tummy tuck, knowing that she never really thinks about or even has time for herself. But that “treat” turned into a real nightmare. Five years ago she had heard about plastic surgery in other countries being affordable and she wanted a tummy tuck, so she researched for three years before settling on a surgeon and flying to Mexico.


She said the surgeon did a wonderful job with her tummy tuck, but after surgery she was taken to an after-care facility. Normally, post-operative care takes 5-7 days but she was continuing to get worse. Because she was in a foreign country, she didn’t know what to do. She experienced excruciating pain and could hardly walk or even move. She then noticed that all the nurses were touching her open wounds without any gloves on. The doctor sent her to a hyperbaric chamber and gave her an iron infusion, but she was still too sick to move.

The Drs: Botched Tummy Tuck + Plastic Surgery Nightmare

A woman named Sherry opened up about her botched plastic surgery procedure after going to Mexico to have it done. (usnavy / Flickr)


The Doctors: Botched Plastic Surgery

Finally she had enough strength to get back to the United States and to her son’s house. She woke up in the middle of the night and felt something wet, realizing that there was fluid all over her from the incision. She could see a lage, gaping hole beginning to open up in her stomach. She was rushed to the hospital where they did blood work and told her if she had waited even just one more day, she would’ve died.

She had a severe staph infection in the incision and necrosis had begun. The Doctors had to cut her stomach open, leaving the tissues and underlying muscles completely exposed, and then she had to be fitted with a device that she would have to wear for three months. Her stomach was horribly scarred, keeping her from wanting to be intimate with anyone.

The Doctors: Botched Tummy Tuck

Sherry went to see Dr Andrew Ordon abouher options. Dr Ordon did an exam, took some pictures, and then took a look, seeing that her belly button was shifted to the side and that she was left with a lot of saggy skin and unevenness. Sherry and Dr Ordon joined the show, and Sherry revealed that after the entire ordeal, she met a wonderful man. That wonderful man was there with Sherry and Gary shared that he loves her for who she is and wants her to see the beautiful woman she is.

Dr Ordon said there’s always hope and since there is no evidence of infection, he said she would be a great candidate to repair the botched surgery and fix all the defects. A Scottsdale plastic surgeon, Dr Anthony Admire, donated his time and services for free to help Sherry.


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