The Drs: Arthritis Relief Stem Cell Injection & No Nightshade Kitchen


The Doctors: Arthritis Pain Relief

The Drs: Arthritis Relief Stem Cell Injection & No Nightshade Kitchen

The Doctors discussed a new treatment for arthritis relief, the no nighshade diet and the “Pain Whisperer.”

The Doctors welcomed orthopedic surgeon Dr. Bal M. Rajagopalan, aka Dr. Raj, for a discussion on arthritis pain relief. Dr. Jim Sears wore a physical function suit that mimics effects of arthritis. He tried to pick up a pen, but couldn’t. Every joint in his body was stiff, and his mobility was limited. Physicians use suits like this to gain a better understanding of their patient’s symptoms.


Dr. Raj explained that arthritis is erosion on the cartilage which leads to joint pain and stiffness. In rheumatoid arthritis, immune cells attack the cartilage lining, causing swelling and intense pain.

The Drs: Stem Cell Injection Arthritis Treatment

However, there’s a new treatment that could provide relief for arthritis symptoms. A study from the U.K. attempted stem cell injections to the knee in order to treat arthritis. The procedure harvests cells from cord blood that are injected directly into the area of cartilage loss. The study showed a re-growth rate of cartilage up to 67%. Normally, once your cartilage is gone, there’s no way to repair it. Using this new treatment, this doesn’t have to be the case.


The Doctors: Caroline’s No Nightshade Kitchen Review

What if arthritis relief could also come from changing your diet? Caroline Thompson, the author of Caroline’s No Nightshade Kitchen, found this to be true for her. After experiencing the onset of arthritis symptoms, a friend told Caroline about nightshade foods: eggplant, tomatoes, peppers and white potatoes. Within a few days of giving up these foods, she noticed her pain had gone away completely.

The Drs: Penelope Cruz Ear Acupuncture

Not all pain is arthritis pain, though, and people often go to extremes hoping to relieve their symptoms. Actress Penelope Cruz has recently been seen wearing ear acupuncture pins, where each spot of the ear correlates to an area of the back. Dr. Andrew Ordon explained that this technique is based on reflexology and can potentially provide relief for back pain.

The Doctors: “The Pain Whisperer” Tom Chi

When Dr. Ordon himself was looking for pain relief, he sought help from Tom Chi, also known as “The Pain Whisperer.” Tom uses kung fu training to increase his sensitivity to tissues. He then reprocesses the tissue and eliminates pain.

Dr. Ordon has been struggling with right knee pain after tearing his meniscus about a year ago. Now, after treatments with Tom, he’s not limping anymore and is walking and running much better. I guess Tom really is the Pain Whisperer!


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