The Doctors: What Causes Eyelid Twitching & Eye Twitch Remedy


The Doctors: 20-Year Eyelid Twitching

Pediatrician Dr. Vic Oyas suffered from eyelid twitching in his upper left eye for over 20 years. Eventually, the twitching got down into his face and chin.

The Doctors: What Causes Eyelid Twitch & Eye Twitching Remedy

After a 20 year eyelid twitching problem began interfering with his work, Dr. Vic Oyas turned to a neurologist for a procedure that has changed his life.


Dr. Oyas said he tried different remedies over the years, like cold compresses, antihistamines, and working out. He even tried Botox, which seemed to work, but sometimes if they injected too much his eyelid would droop even more.

What Causes Eyelid Twitch?

Neurosurgeon Dr. Neil Martin appeared on The Doctors to explain Dr. Oyas’ condition. Dr. Martin said that Dr. Oyas would have episodes where his eye would be closed and he’d have trouble working or driving. Normally this is a benign problem, but when it moves down the face and all the way to the shoulder like Dr. Oyas, it’s cause for concern.

Dr. Martin said that pressure on the facial nerve is the cause for Dr. Oyas’ twitching. Somehow, an artery has come in contact with the nerve, and with every heartbeat it presses down on the nerve. The nerve fibers wear away and normal face coordination then becomes disorganized.


The Doctors: Eye Twitching Remedy

To fix the problem, Dr. Martin said they will take a Teflon pad to place between the nerves to relieve the pressure. He said it’s a microsurgical case and they also use an endoscopy scope.

Dr. Martin said this is a permanent fix. Over time, the wearing away of the nerve fibers will be reversed, and Dr. Oyas will gain regular movement in the face.

Dr. Oyas was in the audience after receiving the surgery, and said he felt great. He said it was amazing to not feel the pulling on his shoulder and neck. He still gets a little twitch in the eye from time to time but it’s much better than it was.


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