The Doctors: Twin Delivery & How a C-Section Works


The Doctors: When A Routine Check-Up Goes Wrong

The Doctors examined a situation when a routine check-up with Dr Lisa Masterson resulted in a shocking outcome. We met Julie, one of Dr Lisa’s patients, who was 35 weeks pregnant with a set of twins. Julie was already mom to son Clark, and her pregnancy was becoming increasingly difficult as it went along, as is often the case with twins. She was ordered on bed rest after her cervix had become soft and she began experiencing cramps.

The Doctors: How a C-Section Works

C-Sections were explained by Dr Masterson and her patient, Julie, on The Doctors.


At her next check-up with Dr Lisa, everything seemed to be going fine. However, upon further examination, Dr Lisa discovered that Julie was already two to three centimeters dilated, and was already experiencing labor contractions. Suddenly, with no preparation, Julie was thrust into early labor and an emergency C-Section was performed. With Dr Lisa’s help and quick delivery, two healthy babies were born that day, a boy and a girl.

The Doctors: How A C-Section Works

Julie joined the Doctors to discuss her shocking delivery. She explained that the last thing she expected was to give birth that day. Then, Julie helped Dr Masterson describe how a C-Section works.

During a C-Section, the surgeon makes a smiley-face shaped incision on the abdomen, about the width of two fingers from the pubic bone.  She will then feel inside for the head and break the bag of water, pulling out the baby by his head. A C-Section is a two-person surgery, because someone needs to take the baby and cut the cord. Then, for twins, the assistant will push down on the mother’s stomach while the surgeon reaches in and grabs the second baby.


The babies are doing fantastic, and they were brought out so that everyone could meet them, along with Dad and big brother Clark. Julie said that she and her family are just trying to enjoy the twins, since they know it all goes by so fast.


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