The Doctors: Tips to Prevent a Hammertoe & Surgery Removes Hammertoe


The Doctors: Tips to Prevent a Hammertoe & Surgery Removes Hammertoe

The Doctors helped one young women get rid of her hammertoe with a simple procedure and they went over preventative measures for the condition.

The Doctors: Hammertoe Removal Procedure

Norma has a really big foot problem she has been dealing with since she was a little girl but she is finally ready to take care of the problem because she is getting married this fall and wants to wear some fancy shoes. She told The Doctors she wants to get rid of her unsightly hammertoe but she doesn’t know how.


The Doctors brought her into the studio where she met with podiatrist Dr. Ali Sadrieh to perform a surgery to correct the callused hammertoe.

Dr. Sadrieh said the procedure does a number of things for the hammertoe. The procedure will straighten out the toe, it removes the callus from the toe and it addresses the bump in the toe so that it lays flat. Dr. Sadrieh added that hammertoes come from the toe contracting backwards instead of sitting flat like a normal toe.

You can watch the video below to see the procedure performed but I have to warn you there is a lot of skin removal and blood. This is one video the queasy should not watch.


What is a Hammertoe?

Dr. Travis Stork wanted to know a person could prevent a hammertoe but Dr. Sadrieh said it is not possible to stop it. It is caused by structural deformity that occurs when an imbalance of the muscles and ligaments around the toe joint force the middle joint to bend and it eventually gets stuck in that position.

Dr. Sadrieh also explained there are two kinds of hammertoes: flexible and rigid. The flexible hammertoes, the one in the video above, is a milder form of the condition where the toe can still move at the joint. A rigid hammertoe can cause stiffness and chronic pain and takes more invasive surgery to fix.

Tips for Preventing Hammertoes

While it is impossible to stop a hammertoe if it is developing, Dr. Sadrieh said you can visit a doctor who will recommend preventative measures like an insert for the show or pads for the hammertoe. Most likely he will want to perform surgery before the hammertoe gets worse.

Lucky for Norma, Dr. Sadrieh said the hammertoe should not come back after the procedure.



  1. Sharyn says

    GOSH ISURE WISHM IHAD THOSE TOES !!!!!!!!! MINE ARE REALLY DISGUSTING !!!!!AND WEIRD LOOKING !!!!I call my toes ELEPHANT TOES cuz they are sooo short and stubby and the toe nails are deformed !!!! on 2 toes on the right foot I can NEVER wear nice shoes …:( this young lady is so lucky ! NICE TOES for her wedding ! yay !

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