The Doctors: The Grin Lift Procedure & Alternative Skin Treatments


The Doctors: When is Surgery Required?

The Doctors August 29 was all about knowing when surgery is required. Millions of Americans have issues with wrinkles on their face, but for Deborah, the case was a bit more severe. Deborah had droopy skin around her mouth that gave her the look of a constant frown. To turn her frown upside down, Deborah met with Dr. Anthony Youn to learn about a simple procedure called “The Grin Lift.”

The Doctors: The Grin Lift Procedure

Dr Youn explained that the Grin Lift is an extremely simple procedure; no more difficult than removing a mole. A small cut is made at the corners of the mouth, and the droopy skin is pulled up back in place. The procedure creates a small scar, but it usually heals very quickly. Best of all, the results are immediate.


Dr Youn joined the Doctors in studio to discuss Deborah’s Grin Lift. He said that millions of Americans suffer from a similar issue, but oftentimes injecting fillers will do the trick. Deborah’s case was more severe, which is why surgery was necessary.

Deborah came out to show off the results of her surgery. She used to have a constant droopy frown, but thanks to the Grin Lift, she re-gained a normal neutral expression– not to mention a great smile.

The Doctors: Alternative Skin Treatments

Grin Lift & Alternative Skin Treatments: The Doctors

The Doctors showed how patients can achieve clear, youthful skin without surgery.


Many Doctors viewers ask about how to improve their skin, but many want to avoid going under the knife. On The Doctors August 29, Dr Ordon was joined by three top skin experts and three patients to show how you can get radical improvement without radical measures.

Dr Ava Shambam: Oxygenetics Makeup

Dr Ava Shambam and her patient, Sarah, discussed the power of Oxygenetics makeup. Sarah is thirty-eight and does not like the hyper-pigmentation around her mouth, chin, and cheeks. Oxygenetics makeup is the only makeup on the market that has an active yeast complex, making it breathable. Wearing the makeup will not only cover up imperfections, but actually improve your skin as you are wearing it.

Dr Keith Marcus: Copper Products

Next up was Dr Keith Marcus, who discussed why copper products can reverse signs of aging on the skin. His patient, Eileen, is a thirty-two-year-old model who suffers from dark spots and blemishes. Dr Marcus had performed a copper treatment on Eileen just fifteen minutes prior, but the results were already noticeable; the copper adds hydration to produce brighter, clearer skin.

Dr Andrew Klapper: Facial Probiotics

We’ve heard about probiotics for the digestive system, but can they work for the skin as well? According to Dr Andrew Klapper, absolutely. He used probiotic treatments on his patient, twenty-two-year-old Sarah, who had tried everything to get rid of dark circles and blemishes. Dr Klapper explained that by replacing bad bacteria on your skin with good bacteria, you can make your skin clearer, brighter, and more toned.


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