The Doctors: Teen Plastic Surgery & Father-Daughter Controversy


The Doctors: Reader’s Digest

On August 28, the Doctors offered up quick ways to look thinner, younger, and sexier. First up, the Doctors were joined by Liz Vaccariello, editor-in-chief of Reader’s Digest Magazine, to jump-start the show. With the Doctors, Liz shared some of the craziest stories from the June “Outrageous” issue of Reader’s Digest. In the special double issue, you can read about America’s sleepiest state and heart tests you don’t need. However, one of the most shocking stories in the issue is of a Florida casino that actually gave away cash for gaining weight– that’s right, not rewarding weight loss, but weight gain!

The Doctors: Freebies for Fatties?

The Doctors: Teen Plastic Surgery Controversy

How young is too young for plastic surgery? The Doctors weighed in.


The Mardi Gras promotional stunt was called “freebies for fatties,” and to be fair, it was all meant to be a light-hearted joke. However, at one point, there were 10,000 donuts provided to customers. Liz pointed out that if you ate 180 donuts at 200 calories each, you would gain ten pounds but only one extra dollar of free play. So is it really worth it?

It may have been all in good fun, but Dr Stork believed that it wasn’t such a great idea. Casinos are already notorious for unhealthy vices such as smoking and drinking, so it’s not very responsible to promote something like over-eating.

The Doctors: Teen Plastic Surgery

The numbers may shock you, but they don’t lie; in 2008, nearly 300,000 teens underwent elective plastic surgeries. Thanks in part to pressure from peers and the media, even children as young as five are looking to alter their appearance. Overall, the number of plastic surgery patients under the age of nineteen has risen twenty-five percent in the last five years.


Prominent O.C. plastic surgeon Dr Michael Niccole recently made headlines when he performed breast augmentation on his own daughter, Brittani. Dr. Niccole, Brittani, and his other daughter Charm joined the Doctors to discuss some of the controversy that has swirled around their family. How and why did Dr Niccole perform surgery on his own daughter? The Doctors found out.

The Doctors: Father-Daughter Plastic Surgery Controversy

Dr Niccole described his daughter much like he would describe any patient; he explained that Brittani’s chest was asymmetrical and flat, and she wanted them changed. He said that, since he’s been in practice for thirty years, who better to take care of his daughter than himself?

Dr Ordon has also operated on his own family members, and he said that it’s definitely possible to separate the person from the procedure. Dr Masterson and Dr Sears have also had close friends or family as patients. It makes them feel more comfortable knowing that their loved one is in the very best of hands.

However, the real question is, should we be encouraging any sort of elective procedure in young people? Brittani was eighteen at the time of her surgery, therefore, she was an adult. She would have made the choice anyway, and she made it clear that she faced zero pressure from her father. Dr Niccole said that he has many teenagers and young adults coming into his office looking for “preventative measures.”

“Is it right that it has become so doggone important to look perfect?” Dr Stork asked. Whether or not you agree with Brittani’s decision, teens and plastic surgery is a topic that is sure to come up again and again.


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