The Doctors: Spot Removal and Fixing Cracked Teeth & Gummy Smiles


The Doctors: Embarrassing Spot Removal (DPN)

Delia is a viewer who has long suffered from painless yet embarrassing spots on her chest. Dermatologist Dr Sandra Lee and Dr Ormon joined Delia to try and get to the bottom of the issue. It took Dr Lee no time to recognize that Delia has dermatosis papulosa nigra, more commonly referred to as DPN. It is most often found in Asian or African-American people on their cheeks, and even famous people like Morgan Freeman are afflicted.

DPN is benign and fairly simple to fix using laser treatments. The laser will cause the spots to turn crusty, eventually falling off in about a week. Because Delia had many spots, Dr Lee suggested that she undergo a few rounds of treatment. However, if you think you might have DPN, be sure to check with your dermatologist to make sure it is not something more serious like melanoma.


smile The Doctors August 24

The Doctors August 24 explained how your smile can go from gummy to gorgeous.

The Doctors: How Long Should You Wait to Fix a Cracked Tooth?

Another Doctors viewer, Monica, emailed in about her cracked tooth. Money is tight right now, so how long can she wait to get it fixed? Cosmetic Dentist Dr Bill Dorfman weighed in. If you wait too long, the crack may get worse; however, if just a bit of tooth is cracked, your dentist may be able to place a cap over it or simply polish it down. How soon you should get it fixed really depends on the severity of the crack.

The Doctors: How to Fix Gummy Smiles

For those of you who have very gummy smiles: there may be a solution. A gummy smile is when you see a large amount of a person’s gums between their teeth and lip when they smile. Dr Dorfman said that Botox can actually fix gummy smiles quickly and easily.


Dr Dorfman injected an audience member, Annette, with Botox in her top lip. Within seconds, there was a noticeable difference– and a lot less of her gums– in her smile.


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