The Doctors: Smart Liposuction Procedure & How to Spot a Lie


The Doctors: Chubby Knees Problem

If you’re working out and getting healthy but the results just aren’t coming quickly enough, then The Doctors August 28 is for you; from quick fixes like hair pieces and lash extensions, to even chubby knees. In fact, we got to meet April, a woman who is so self-conscious about her chubby knees that she will only wear dresses and skirts that cover them. Dr Ordon was joined by fellow plastic surgeon Dr Nicholas Nikolov to discuss a new form of liposuction that got April the great results she was looking for.

The Doctors: Smart Liposuction Review

Smart Liposuction Review: The Doctors

April solved her chubby knee problem with Smart Liposuction.


Dr Nikolov explained how his smart liposuction machine works. Using a laser, it melts away the fat in the desired area without affecting any other surrounding tissue. This method also means less bruising and quicker recovery time.

April’s surgery was shown, and Dr Nikolov explained his safe methods, such as using a machine to gage April’s temperature. The surgery was quick and the laser made it possible to remove the fat without too much blood or bruising.

In studio, April came out to show off her great new legs. Just five weeks after surgery, her knees appeared far more shapely and contoured. April’s big smile said it all– she was thrilled with the results! She called her new knees “liberating.”


The Doctors: Physical Reactions to Lying

Telling a lie might make you feel guilty, but can it actually affect your body in a physical way? Dr Stork explained what a lie can do to your body, even if you’ve got the world’s greatest poker face!

There are three areas of the brain that become more active when a person is telling a lie: the areas that affect behavior control, impulse control, and sensory input. This will cause the blood pressure to raise and the heart to beat faster. Breathing may much become shallower, and a person is also likely to start sweating.

The Doctors: How to Spot a Lie

Dr Stork checked in with Jack Tremarco, a lie detection expert who knows how to tell when a person is lying. He had three pointers that can signify someone is lying to you. First off, check for changes in behavior. A mixed signal can also indicate a lie (such as a person verbally denying something, but nodding his or her head at the same time.) Listen for a lowered voice, which is caused by the subconscious.

Eye contact is also an important clue; since many people think that a person won’t look you in the eye while lying, a lying person will often compensate by looking straight at you. Lastly, watch out for Freudian pauses before answering a direct question. It means that a person is looking for a few extra seconds to formulate a lie in their head.

It’s important to remember that the truth is always direct and spontaneous!


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