The Doctors: Severe Rodent Phobia + Overcoming Fear

The Doctors: Extreme Rodent Phobia

A woman named Shaina introduced herself and shared that she is married with two children and has a lifelong phobia of mice and rats. McKenna, her daughter, said her mom can’t stand the thought of their tails and eyes. Vincent, her son, said if you talk about it for too long, Shaina will look like she’s abou to explode. Her family even imitated her “rat scream” that she lets out as she’s jumping on furniture, freaking out.


She even had to leave when watching the movie Ratatouille and said the phobia is truly traumatizing. There’s a drawer in her kitchen that she’s avoided for five years after finding rat droppings. She came face to face with a rodent while working in the yard and ran into her home, locked herself in, and cried for quite a while. Shayna joined the show, unable to even watch the clip The Doctors put together because it showed rodents.

The Doctors: Severe Rodent Phobia + Overcoming Fear

The Doctors helped a mother face her extreme fear of rodents, in just thirty minutes. (jean-jacquesboujot / Flickr)


The Doctors: Fear Of Rodents

Shaina explained that she was told, when she was about 18-months-old, her cat tried to give her a mouse that was still alive. The mouse was running all around her and the cat was running around her trying to get it, and from then on, she was scarred. The Doctors put up a video of rodents and Shaine said she couldn’t look right at it but could see it out of the corner of her eye and her heart was racing. She admitted that it was hard to breathe and her hands were all clammy.

Dr Jennifer Ashton said she knew exactly what was going on inside Shaina because she was the exact same way with her snake phobia. Dr Ashton was actually able to overcome her phobia in just 30 minutes, and The Doctors introduced Gary Coxe, the expert who cued Dr Ashton. His 30-minute phobia removal technique, he believed, could absolutely work for Shaina. Gary said Shaina had a belief system that “needed to be tamed” and he said he was going to help Shaina re-wire her thinking.

The Doctors: Overcoming Rodent Phobia

Later in the show, The Doctors welcomed Shaina back on stage and she walked out holding a mouse on top of a cloth. She said she felt empowered and courageous and her kids joked that hey were going to get a pet hamster. Shaina then lefted up boxes, revealed jars and tanks full of rodents, proving that her phobia was much improved. Shaina said it was a “crazy quick” journey but she felt normal. Gary said we have to learn strategies to change our phobias, and Shaina proved that you can overcome those obstacles quickly.

What’s your biggest fear? Do you think you could overcome it in just 30 minutes?


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