The Doctors: Severe Acne & Earlobe Reconstruction Surgery


The Doctors: Gross Anatomy Special Edition

Some of the more unsightly aspects of anatomy were discussed on The Doctors, such as embarrassing disorders affecting the teeth and the genitals.  The Doctors met several people whose lives have been negatively affected by their gross anatomy issues, and introduced them to specialists who could potentially help. Brittany is a sufferer of severe acne, and Denise was in need of earlobe reconstruction surgery.

Severe Acne: Acne Conglobota

Brittany is nineteen years old, and she previously had totally clear skin. About a year ago, her skin starting breaking out on her jaw, and then spread to her entire face and neck. Brittany had previously considered herself to be a beautiful girl, but her condition has seriously affected her self-confidence; she now considers herself “disgusting and worthless.”


The Doctors Gross Anatomy: Severe Acne

The Doctors Gross Anatomy Special Edition discussed severe acne and possible treatments, as well as earlobe reconstruction surgery.

Luckily, Brittany joined Dr. Stork on stage, and he assured her that she is the farthest thing from “disgusting and worthless!” Dr. Sandra Lee also joined Brittany and Dr. Stork, and she explained that while 80-90% of the population suffer from some sort of acne, Brittany has very severe acne known as Acne Conglobota. However, there are several types of treatments available.

Injections and laser treatments are both possible solutions to severe acne, both of which Dr. Lee tried out. However, she said that the most important treatment that Brittany try is antibiotics. They can make the skin extremely dry, but they are still the “best bet” for tackling severe acne.


Dr. Lee and Dr. Stork set Brittany up with a dermatologist in her hometown of Orlando, Florida, and she was excited to get home and start her treatments.

Denise: Earlobe Reconstruction

Like many people, Denise made some choices in her youth that she has come to regret! She is now twenty-two and looking to start nursing school, but her stretched-out earlobes are putting a wrench in her plan. In high school Denise stretched her earlobes larger and larger, but she now wishes she would have listened to her mom and left them alone. She can’t ever wear her hair up or wear normal earrings, so she is desperate for earlobe reconstruction surgery.

Denise visited Dr. Lee for a surprisingly quick and easy procedure to fix her ears. Denise didn’t even need to go under; Dr. Lee simply numbed the area and then made small incisions in order to close the holes. She also removed the excess hanging skin from both ears. Denise was up and about in what seemed like moments later, and she was absolutely thrilled with the results! Already, her ears looked almost back to normal.


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