The Doctors: Road Rash & Varicose Vein Procedure


The Doctors: Gross Anatomy

The Doctors took on the subject of Gross Anatomy, from the show’s absolute grossest moments, to helping the Doctors themselves deal with embarrassing problems of their own! Next up was Jennifer, who thankfully survived a terrible car crash, but wanted to remove her unsightly scarring. Find out how lasers are changing treatment for road rash and varicose vein procedures.

The Doctors: Road Rash Ruby Laser Procedure

Road Rash may sound like a made-up disease, but for one young woman, it is a real-life nightmare. Jennifer, 22, was in a serious car accident two years ago, where she was thrown forty feet out of her car. Jennifer woke up five days later with severe scarring and road rash: her skin looks damaged and aged, and serves as a reminder of Jennifer’s horrible accident.


The Doctors: Varicose Vein Laser Treatment

Tracy received laser treatment on her legs for varicose veins on The Doctors.

Jennifer met with dermatologist Dr Glynis Ablon, who examined her skin. Jennifer has many dark areas where she has lost collagen and elastin as a result of the accident. She also has what’s known as a traumatic tattoo, where the gravel and dirt actually left an imprint on her body.

The Doctors: Varicose Vein Laser Treatment

The Doctors took a look at Tracy, a past guest of the show who had suffered from terrible varicose veins. The veins began appearing during her second pregnancy, and after her fourth child was born, they had gotten considerably worse.  Tracy was so embarrassed of her veins that she never wore a bathing suit or exposed her legs in public.


Dr Ordon met with Tracy and explained that veins have small valves that help push blood back up to the heart. What happens in the case of varicose veins is that the valves fail, causing blood to pool. Vascular Surgeon Dr Rajeev Rao treated Tracy’s legs with what is known as an endovenous ablation. During the procedure, local anesthetic is injected into the leg in order to push the varicose veins away from the skin. Then, the veins are closed using a laser.

The Doctors: Varicose Vein Endovenous Ablation Treatment Results

Tracy joined Dr Stork and Dr Ordon on stage to show off the results from her procedure. For the first time in ten years, she was wearing a skirt! Tracy’s legs looked great, and showed very little signs of her former problem with varicose veins.

Dr Ablon used a Ruby laser on Jennifer’s skin, and explained that she would need between three and six sessions. Jennifer’s skin became scabbed, but dramatic results were seen after only the first session. Jennifer is continuing treatments in her hometown, so good luck to her!


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