The Doctors: Post Surgery Mistakes & Tummy Tuck Surgery


The Doctors: Common Mistakes To Avoid After Surgery

On The Doctors, Dr Andrew Ordon’s tummy tuck surgery with Neesha, a mom of three, was detailed. But first, Dr Ordon shared some of his tips on avoiding complications after a surgery.

First, it’s crucial to prevent infection. If your doctor has prescribed you anti-biotics, make sure you take them. Also, keep your bandages and dressings clean as per instructed. Also, in order to prevent bleeding after surgery, take it easy and follow your doctor’s advice on how much activity you should be allowing yourself. Also avoid blood thinners such as aspirin and certain supplements.


tummy tuck The Doctors September 6

The Doctors September 6 detailed Neesha's successful tummy tuck procedure.

Dr Andrew Ordon: Tummy Tuck Surgery

Neesha had previously visited the show and gotten a consultation right on stage (how brave!) from Dr Ordon. After three large babies, Neesha was looking to remove the excess skin on her stomach. Dr Ordon said that she was a great candidate, and offered to give Neesha a tummy tuck. Let’s see how her surgery went.

Dr Ordon explained that Neesha is a very charitable, deserving person; her surgery is a bit of, “what goes around, comes around!” Before she went under the knife, the surgeons marked the spot where Neesha’s bathing suit would usually hit, so that they can make sure the incision is below that are and will be hidden.


In the O.R, the tummy tuck began when the surgeons dissected through the stomach fat, cutting around the belly button and then forming a new hole for it. Finally, after the excess fat and skin were removed, the muscles were pulled back together; that is something Dr Ordon said no amount of working out could have achieved.

Neesha stopped by the Doctors’ studio to show off her results after six weeks. Her tummy is flat, her marriage is improved, and Neesha is feeling great. Congrats!


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