The Doctors: Lichen Sclerosus Symptoms & Stem Cell Therapy Treatment


The Doctors: Lichen Sclerosus Symptoms

The Doctors continued their women’s health discussion with Jayme, a woman who felt “hopeless” after a debilitating vaginal condition left her unable to live a normal life. Hear how The Doctors were finally able to offer help.

After Jayme welcomed a son with her husband, Brian, she experienced burning and itching that her OB/GYN diagnosed as a yeast infection. In fact, Jayme had Lichen Sclerosus, and was devastated to learn that there was no cure, and hardly any treatment available.


Jayme said that her condition caused white patches, severe itching, and “razor-blade” type pain while urinating. Even sitting on a hard chair would feel like intense menstrual cramp pain. Clearly, this condition affected not just Jayme’s personal life, but also her everyday life.

<em>The Doctors</em> discussed how Jayme's painful lichen sclerosus, developed after childbirth, was treated with stem cell therapy.<em>The Doctors</em> discussed how Jayme's painful lichen sclerosus, developed after childbirth, was treated with stem cell therapy.

The Doctors discussed how Jayme’s painful lichen sclerosus, developed after childbirth, was treated with stem cell therapy.

The Drs TV: Lichen Sclerosus Stem Cell Therapy Treatment

Dr. Jennifer Ashton said that 1 in 60 women will develop Lichen Sclerosus, but it’s often misdiagnosed, which can make treating the condition extremely difficult.


Stem cell therapist Dr. Nathan Newman volunteered to offer Jayme a new treatment. Using mini-liposuction and PRP (platelet rich plasma), Dr. Newman gave Jayme three sessions over a period of nine months. Amazingly, Jayme started feeling better after her second treatment, and is now feeling great.

The Doctors: Lichen Sclerosus Auto-Immune Disorders

Lichen Sclerosus is also an auto-immune issue, so not surprisingly, Jayme was also diagnosed with a thyroid condition. If you’re worried about Lichen Sclerosus, Dr. Ashton recommends using a mirror to examine yourself. Lichen looks like white tissue paper with a wrinkly texture. Also look for unusual moles, spots, or bumps. If you notice anything strange, it’s best to visit your doctor as soon as possible.



  1. Belinda says

    I think it’s important to understand that not only fusing can occur (and this doesn’t happen with everyone), but also the inflammation from Lichen Sclerosus can spread into the vagina and also to the nerves that affect the tailbone, buttocks, and thighs. This pain can be nearly unspeakably severe. So, you can have, in effect, the same symptoms as vestibulitus, vulvodynia, pudendal neuralgia and sciata along with the pain of LS, all at the same time. When the LS goes into remission, the remaining nerve pain can take longer to diminish, so it is essential to be diagnosed and treated early.

  2. Donna Kessler says

    I was diagnosed with lichen sclerosus Via biopsy at my gyn’s office Nov 2014.I had never heard of this but after researching, reading blogs, ect. The symptoms I’ve experienced for years now esp since spring of 2012 I’m almost positive that I’ve had this for a while now. I saw 2 different Dermatologist in 2012& have shared numerous times with all! My Drs all the different symptoms I was having over the years I was told anything from dry mouth to menopause.I am diabetic & insulin dependent,hypothyroid,HX of adrenal failure, and many more medical problems. But after developing bladder cancer in Oct 2013& after my last surgery for recurrence of cancer cells in Sept of 2014,I went to my GYN with itching, burning, thought I had yeast from post op antibiotics.She agreed & treated me with 1 pill for yeast which did seem to make my symptoms go away but they came back & almost overnight it seemed my bikini area was totally inflamed & I was in severe pain. How could this have happen I kept thinking & as my mind thought back to all the times I had ask at one point or another to all my Drs & I have many about all the skin, eye, mouth scalp, tell tell signs “that now make sense” what could this be DR or what do you think this is, I can’t believe! Out of all those times, all the different docs I see that something didn’t click with one of them to the fact that I could have this lichen sclerosus thing. I can’t get the answers I need. I’m a 57 year old female who needs help with treating this properly & hopeful Of a cure due to my past adrenal failure x2 & a very complex medical HX I seek the help that I need with this that I feel I can’t get in my hometown. My name is Donna Sue Kessler. Can you help me?

  3. em hinchmn says

    Dr. Diana Bitner of Grand Rapids, Michigan diagnosed me with lichen sclerosus last week (March 2015). She prescribed a topical cortico-steroid called Clobetasol Propionate Ointment, USP, 0.05% in a 30 gram tube. I spread a thin layer on the affected area twice daily, after washing and drying the skin. I have found relief from symptoms after just a few days. My skin was just beginning to show whiteness in some lined areas, no patches.

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