The Doctors: Keloid Scars, Aging Hands, and Gross Anatomy Updates


The Doctors: Gross Anatomy Updates

All show long, The Doctors August 20 has featured Gross Anatomy problems and treatments. When we met Sarah and Kayla, they were suffering from embarrassing issues regarding their genitals and teeth, respectively.

Keloid Scars & Aging Hands: The Doctors

The Doctors Special Edition featured Gross Anatomy issues such as keloid scars, aging hands, and possible treatments.


The Doctors were happy to report that Kayla loves her new veneers, and Sarah is happy to have her life back after suffering from a rectovaginal fistula for seven years.

Also, we checked in with Denise three weeks after her earlobe surgery, and she was thrilled by her results. The show wrapped up with two more gross anatomy solutions.

Luke: Keloid Scars

Twenty-three-year-old Luke revealed that he suffers from ugly keloid scars that cover his chest and back. They developed after he suffered from acne on his face and neck, which eventually spread down to his upper body. The scars are very itchy, and sometimes bleed when he scratches them. Luke’s condition has affected his self-esteem, even preventing him from hugging family members.


Luke visited with Dr. Sandra Lee, who offered some possible treatments for the scars. You can’t cut the keloid scars, because they will simply come back; however, you can treat them through the use of steroid injections and lasers. Luke went through a series of treatments to target the blood vessels of the keloid scars in hopes of destroying them. Completely getting rid of the keloids takes multiple visits.

Joya: Rapidly Aging Hands

Joya is only twenty-four, but she has a highly unusual problem: aging hands. With wrinkles and bulging veins, Joya’s hands have the look and feel of a much older person’s. She visited Dr. Leif Rogers, who used quick, easy, and relatively painless filler injections to treat Joya’s hands. He also followed up with a massage, laser treatment, and ointment. In just one visit to Dr. Rogers, Joya’s hands looked much younger and smoother. Another successful solution to a problem of Gross Anatomy!


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