The Doctors: Is The Pregnant Man Happy After His Sex Change Operation?


The Drs: Pregnant Man Surgical Results

The Pregnant Man made headlines as the birth father of three biological children. He returned to The Doctors with an update on his story. He had Gender Reassignment Surgery with Dr Marci Bowers. Thomas Beatie joined The Doctors with the latest on his personal journey. Is the pregnant man happy with his decision?

In the days immediately following the surgery, he recorded an update on his video camera about his progress. He noted that color was returning to the surgical area, except for one area where skin was transplanted, which he said was black.


The Drs: Is The Pregnant Man Happy?

The Doctors got an update on complications from Thomas Beatie's gender reassignment surgery. Is the pregnant man happy now?

“I’m afraid that transplanted skin tissue didn’t make it,” he admitted. “I think the tissue’s dead down there.”

The Doctors: Pregnant Man Health Scare

Since there was a greater risk of complications with this procedure, it was not a total surprise. But he followed up with Dr Bowers to figure out what was causing the problem. She agreed to take a look at the area.


She was much less concerned about the area, noting that all the stitches had already come out or broken down on their own. Thomas said it was sensitive and bleeding. Dr Bowers said she would come up with a treatment plan.

This episode was taped two months after Thomas’s procedure. Back in the studio, Dr Bowers said the labial skin Thomas was concerned about had broken down, leaving about a 1 cm opening, preventing him from successfully urinating while standing up.

Dr Bowers said that it would be easy to correct such a small area. Dr Andrew Ordon said that area has a great blood supply and a good chance for quick and simple healing. Dr Bowers described a simple procedure that could be performed to correct the issue.

Is The Pregnant Man Happy?

Dr Travis Stork asked a question that many have probably been wondering upon hearing this saga. Is Thomas happy now?

“I’m totally happy,” he said. “I would definitely do this over and over again. Even the outcome that it’s had right now, I know that things are going to eventually be where I’d like them to be.”

Dr Travis asked about Nancy, Thomas’s wife, whom you may remember from the last time he was making headlines. Thomas said that his marriage was in a difficult place, and he and Nancy are currently separated. For some reason, the audience applauded this, which was very awkward.

Dr Marci Bowers said she was optimistic about the follow up to Thomas’s surgery. Thomas himself remained hopeful for the future.


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