The Doctors: How Long Do Teeth Whitening and Lasik Eye Surgery Last?


Dr. Karent Sierra: How Long Do Fillings Last?

The Doctors were joined by cosmetic dentist and Real Housewives of Miami star Dr. Karent Sierra to discuss how long common dental procedures should last. If you have fillings, the ADA recommends they be changed every five years. However, Dr. Sierra said that if they still look good after this time, there’s no need to worry.

If you have old fillings, though, be sure to visit your dentist regularly. These can contain mercury which is released each time you chew. Dr. Travis Stork was pretty grossed out by a picture of those old, silver dental fillings.


The Doctors: How Long Do Teeth Whitening and Lasik Eye Surgery Last?

The Doctors discussed teeth whitening, dental fillings and lasik eye surgery with Dr. Karent Sierra and Dr. Kerry Assil.

Dr. Karent Sierra: How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

Dr. Travis also shared a concern of his own. Because of an old basketball injury, Dr. Travis has veneers on his two front teeth. His other teeth were whitened about four years ago in order to match the veneers. After taking a quick peek at his smile, Dr. Sierra could tell that Dr. Travis needed another round of whitening.

She explained that with whitening, it all depends on your habits. If you’re a smoker, or enjoy coffee, tea or red wine, your enamel will become stained far quicker. Without a lot of discoloration, professional whitening should last about one year.


The Doctors: How Long Does Lasik Eye Surgery Last?

Later, The Doctors welcomed ophthalmologist Dr. Kerry Assil for a question regarding lasik eye surgery. One Doctors viewer, Cammie, wondered why her eyesight was beginning to turn blurry several years after undergoing lasik eye surgery.

Dr. Assil explained that the eye works like a camera. The cornea on the outside of the eye works like a fixed focus lens, and that’s what’s sculpted during lasik eye surgery. The laser works to eliminate abnormalities, but that doesn’t mean that something else can’t go wrong in the eye. Often, as we grow older, our internal zoom lens begins to stiffen. This could be the issue in Cammie’s case.

Dr. Assil recommended that even after lasik eye surgery, patients visit their doctors to make sure other problems aren’t developing in the eye.


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